Is dropping usage of DXM for alcohol and salvia a good trade off? (Doing nothing is not an option)? related questions

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Is dropping usage of DXM for alcohol and salvia a good trade off? (Doing nothing is not an option)?2sebastian2012-10-13 12:38:02
To elaborate stopping the use of 300mg's weekly of DXM for 1 to 3 glasses of bum wine on the weekend and a monthly purchase of salvia to use occasionally in a month. No answers like don't do anything please. I want valid replies as to whether this would be a healthier trade off.
Schools to experiment with alcohol lamp is also ethanol, methanol? Industrial alcohol and You Shayong it?2Platona2012-11-03 05:49:02
Schools to experiment with alcohol lamp is also ethanol, methanol? Industrial alcohol and Shayong ? If you have a bottle of alcohol, without labels , how to distinguish between ethanol methanol also is that? If you usually only used to clean things up , with that good?
I'm looking for income from option trading. Any good option strategies services you recommend?1tyana2012-08-10 19:50:03
Tips for the best options strategy ...
Please rate my team tell me good and bad stuff and trade option?0Bray2012-08-11 00:06:02
E.staal P.datsyuk D.heatley F.modin M.afinogenov D.zubrus S.zubov Z.chara M.malik Ryn M.van bank D.langkow M.sillinger M.fisher IR L.nagy porters R.emery J.grahame bank M.biron
Is it illegal to trade alcohol in Canada?0bobbie2012-07-24 01:01:02
I have been receiving alcohol as gifts for a couple of years and I do not drink so it was just collecting dust in my cellar . I know that selling alcohol is illegal, but that trade in products like the iPad or illegal computer ?
How do i get a license to trade alcohol in a club for example?0bree halsey2012-09-15 11:48:02
I'm interested in owning a club in the future and want to know how I can go about obtaining a license to operate alcohol, etc MedlinePlus MedlinePlus In the UK, for certain
What Salvia efficacy?0Corina2012-07-19 07:14:02
Salvia How effective ?
I have $1000 in savings and I want to trade stocks. I have no idea how to do this. Is scottrade a good option?1siskiyou student2012-08-25 01:49:19
Where to begin ? Is it possible to make money with $ 1000?
A stock option is on February, May, August, and Nov cycle. What option trade on (a) April 1 and (b) May 30?1Ashfia2012-08-29 14:38:13
What is keeping the DOW, S&P, NASDAQ .....from dropping like 10% in a day?2hyena, hyaena2012-09-09 21:07:02
I just don't get it. If things are so bad, why isn't the floor dropping out? Is it the hedge funds keeping them up enough to bounce them between 300 point fluctuations and feel comfortable with the options trading in those ranges?
Are we at any legal risk for dropping the car back off at the dealership?0iyanna2012-08-31 20:54:04
We signed the contract for a new car from a main dealer , VIN # and everything. A week later , could not deliver the vehicle , or one that we were willing to accept ( sales guy was so insistent ) . we asked for the trade back . then a few days later (and not to our knowledge ) , it paid off our vehicle . Great for us because we had negative equity , but the problem is that we have the car , no title . It opened an account ( so far) for the vehicle never took up . We've called ( even the CEO of what is a larger representation ) and do not come to our calls . It has been two weeks since we were notified of the fact that the car was worth . They call the credit union and the credit union has said that reinstall if we sign the loan papers. Why would I want to do that ? This is the error that dealers should have to live . In my opinion, your bait / switch cost them this time. we are opening ourselves to adapt to leave the car ?
Please experts help analyze the problem of my broadband dropping (with the cat parameter)1!!! Bride -2012-02-01 02:07:47
ZTE Corporation ZTE ADSLModem version: BCM63382.06B.05e - A2pB021g7.d19f user version: Type ZXDSL831BV6.5.0a_Z09Modem: Address only PVCMAC: 00:15: eb: c3: d6: 7eIP Address: subnet mask: 255,255 .255.0 Gateway Address: State Information: Showtime Channel: Interleave Mode: ADSL2 bottom-up rate (Kbps): 805637SNR margin (dB): 6.012.5 Attenuation (dB): 62.531.3 per day (Kbps) : 720736 super-frames: 2327323271 wrong frame count: 13188 This is my home of broadband 1M Netcom, the family received a phone, I'm in the store online and from home (box and telephone companies) received within 200 meters of white lines parallel to my shop, the shop was also a phone, the phone side filters are installed, I am now the symptoms are basically the Internet for ten minutes or less to a line, and sometimes not in the direct line number, hot to touch the cat, this may be reassigned from the look on the cat, but for a while and lost. The error code 691. The first time you dismiss the problem of the cat, the cat changed, the situation remains the same. Computer system, no problem, again the system to review the books and all that. Then examined under the various interfaces, good clothing. Initially suspected line problem, but I'm not sure, tips for the experts. I can use the white parallel lines are essential, but also all the way to the house through power lines, not with this, please help me analyze the master, how I can solve this problem, ah, thank you very much friends first! Online and so on! I have a total of 30 points in which all offer! Question: If I put white parallel lines, and replaced with Category 5 twisted pair, with a network cable when the phone lines will not result to be good? Category 5 UTP although not protected, but twisted to some extent, anti-jamming, right?

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