We recommend several books to

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Wei Yang 尐 ゛ ___
Asked at 2012-01-28 04:48:54
We recommend several books to give to recommend a good book some time ago by accident at a site and found that there are more books like N: I see, " Dream of Red Mansions " , why the Chinese people of " The Lord of the rings, " not cold ? " Booz Allen to see how to observe the business world ," and so many different types , I feel very strange, what websites have many different types of books, an internet search , I realized it was Dangdang to celebrate " World Book Day " is to make an issue of " life-changing readers , the light of intelligent life " activities like reading , there are books Tingzhi as well as the prize to take , the time could see! http://read.dangdang.com/
Answer1 Dian. sister too helpless -Answered at 2012-01-28 04:49:39
Very good , like it, keep working hard ah
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