Have you ever seen Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London?

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Sweet Cheeks
Asked at 2012-08-04 03:34:49
I have seen these movies more than 5 times since I bought the DVD of this year. Here are some quotes I decided to write, lol.

Arrival at Camp Woody

Alex: If Cody drowned in a lake, how I can get the computer

Cody's father: Alex, how beautiful is your brother

Alex:. It's a blow job, is not there some sort of exchange program, we can exchange a hot girl or a pack of gum

Cody's mother. Honey, stop calling you a crazy
Alex: It is believed the CIA

Cody's father, the CIA (laughs) someone needs to care a little more (Alex rubs his head while smiling).

Victor Diaz brings together parents for the song
Victor: Thank you all and welcome to woody camp. My name is Victor Diaz. I am the commander in chief ....... I mean the head counselor (did not want parents to know that children were working for the CIA).

After Victor Diaz escapes

Cody Banks:. I thought this was a simulation
Get Away
CIA Director: Stay away from simulation, which was not simulated, which was the real deal

Cody Banks: I do not understand

CIA Director: (interrupts Cody) follow me (Cody still speaks), and follow me.

Takes you to the outside of the camp laundry.

Director of the CIA. Do you know the CIA has an office in the field below

Cody Banks: I do not understand, children have been snooping around this place. They have been found.

Director of the CIA. That's why we stand where nobody wants to spend much time

Cody and walk CIA director in the men's bathroom, shows the position of order. Once the iris of the CIA director was scanning the place had a secret elevator which took these two guys at the office of the secret headquarters.

While the Director Limosine

Cody Banks: What happened
CIA Director: Do not wanna talk about it (it was attacked by a bear Benie baby, lol). Hey, who says he has been in a school band.

Cody Banks:. I was not in a school band

Director of the CIA. It says here that has been playing the clarinet

Cody Banks:. I've been playing the clarinet to meet girls

CIA Director: He joined a marching band to meet girls? You will be part of an International Youth orchastra?

Cody Banks: AN INTERNATIONAL YOUTH ORCHASTRA! (Cody is going crazy now)

CIA Director: You've been in a band for three years, maybe you could have for a couple of weeks (places a big smile)
Answer1RizAnswered at 2012-08-05 04:14:48
Riiiiiight ....
Answer2MelveniaAnswered at 2012-10-09 11:00:00
.... And that's another reason why Europeans hate Americans .
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