Study abroad: Malaysia (UKM), Vietnam (Foreign Trade University in Hanoi), or in Thailand (Thammasat)? related questions

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Study abroad: Malaysia (UKM), Vietnam (Foreign Trade University in Hanoi), or in Thailand (Thammasat)?1Pingpongcham 2012-10-04 09:25:02
I am a masters student in international business and trade and studied abroad for one year degree in Korea, but I'm looking to study abroad again for about 6 months. Which is why I am interested in Southeast Asia is because I am very interested in traveling . When I studied abroad in Korea, traveling all over (Japan, China , Hong Kong , Macao , Taiwan , Cambodia , Vietnam and Thailand) and now I want to study abroad somewhere closer to other places we have traveled Malaysia ( Singapore, Indonesia , maybe Australia, maybe south asia (India, Nepal, etc )). Where would the best location to study abroad to serve as a hub for travelers and local quality in terms of fun and nightlife ? Potential sites listed in the question .. thanks !
Do you want to study abroad in Australia? 0manipaloverseas2022-07-07 04:01:39
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Study Abroad FairGaze0studyabroadfairgaze2022-07-22 03:16:06
The outstanding, knowledge, professionalism and dedication of our international studies consultants makes us #1 for return on investment. Don’t let self-doubt hold you back from achieving your true potential. It is impossible for you to understand everything when you start. That’s why we are here to help you follow your passion and acquire the skills, knowledge and facts you are currently lacking. 
I am planing to do MBA in foreign trade and international business from icfai university ?0Jerry2012-11-06 00:08:21
but i am not sure whether I will get good job or not ,as I haven't seen many people doing MBA in this field.
Plz lemme know mba in foreign trade is easy ,gud placements ,future boom and gitam university is a gud choice.?0tapos mitra2012-10-13 05:09:42
i wud like to opt for mba management in foreign trade , but I had a break of four years after graduation as MedlinePlus ensure the fact I can continue my studies weder wid full interest or not ....
Because think up a country to study abroad with the individual small finance company borrows them to want me prepaid the accrual of a month just arranges clerk and me the autograph is made an appointment with reliable0fatma kaya2012-07-18 23:50:02
. What are the prohibited items under the Scheme? 1. Remittance for trading in foreign exchange abroad?0muddy2012-09-03 22:40:02
. What are the prohibited items under the Scheme ? 1. Remittance for trading in foreign currencies ?
Study problems.. 2 years of non-credits college to university or career college?0KIERA2012-09-05 05:36:03
I do not consider myself as intelligent students. I am a foreign student. I joined this school and studied for three months. The agreement of this university is, I need to study for two years before I can get the transfer to this university. The problem here is that I've been studying for three months and my grades are not as good. Only just survive, here comes my question. It really scares me that I can not get to college, because right now is only 3 months and barely survive, I do not know what will happen .. i did my best .. I always pay attention in class .. study with friends .. but my grades are just fine. I feel sad if I study in this school for another 1 ½ years and at the end I could not get into the university. I'll be really, really sad and upset because I lost a lot of money from my mother and I have not got to college. if i dun do and can not reach the college GPA they want, i dun get nothing at all .. all I've been doing at the moment is that they are not loans. I can not do anything at all, even if I leave this university or not. just greet me goodbye. I'm thinking the best for me to join the college which includes studies of race because I can work while I can study and master in a field such as international trade or kitchen items. I really want that to happen dun days I can not go to college because I really depress and I feel like I'm going to kill you for that. Should I stay in college for my way through college? or should I change my college to another career? plz tell me, help me, guide me .. my mom said she agreed to let me change one university to another race because he knows I'm not a very intelligent student and talented. reverse, i dun really want to waste precious time and money of my mother's money. I really care about her. everything I do, my mom is going to come first. i dun really want to spend that day with me.if i study in the university of the race, I can work, save time and start making money because I really dun want to waste a lot of money from mom .. plz help .. sorry for my bad english
Appeared on the streets of Hanoi Taxi made1⺌ (. High fever ℃ 2012-03-06 21:25:03
Lifan 520 Hanoi Taxi appeared in the streets Sina Auto News on February 4, Lifan Lifan injected in Vietnam first appeared in Hanoi, Vietnam 520 taxis on the streets. Long THANG taxi company in Vietnam, according to the person in charge, this is the first car since the arrival of Lifan, Lifan Since then, there are 100 cars after another arrived, but by the impact of the Spring Festival China, after which a number of Lifan cars will come after the Spring Festival. The following streets of the capital, Hanoi, Vietnam, Lifan cab. 20070206100635.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 2-9 11:26 Collection - Collection> Value Share -> _ TOPaimgcount Doherty [318819] = [27285]; attachimgshow (318,819) / / ArrayTmUsr [1] = "xiongjie0913 "/ / Array3Days [1] =" 2 "users [1] =" xiongjie0913 "xiongjie0913xiongjie0913 Send PM Add to friends xiongjie0913 (xiongjie0913) 366 jobs currently online UID331781 experience the essence of the 11 points of 1463 Copper 787 70 100 0 Read Access Prestige Male online registration 0 hours Chongqing 27/08/2007 12/17/2006 Last login 11 minute periods after 1463 366 The experience of the essence of copper 100 787 70 2 0 Prestige Read access published at # 02/09/2007 11:28 AM | look at the struggle of the nation face Oh ~ ~ ~ 0070206100656.jpg (0 Bytes) :02007-downloads 2-9 11:28 Reply references TOP / / ArrayTmUsr [2] = "xiongjie0913" / / Array3Days [2] = "3", users [2] = "xiongjie0913" xiongjie0913xiongjie0913 Send Message Add to friends xiongjie0913 (xiongjie0913) 366 currently offline messages UID331781 11 points 1463 Experience the essence of the Prestige 787 Copper 0 Views Access 100 Male 70 to 0 hours of recording online Chongqing 08/27/2007 12/17/2006 Last login 11 minute periods after 1463 366 experience the essence of copper 100 787 703 Prestige 0 # access to reading published in 2007 -2-9 11:29 | look in the business of good and substantial 0070206100715.jpg (0 bytes) :02007-downloads 2-9 references Reply TOP 11:29 / / ArrayTmUsr [3] = "sdshanda" / / Array3Days [3] = "4", users [3] = "sdshanda" legendary sdshanda Send Message Add to friends sdshanda (Legend) is UID415673 line 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits 7802 Posts 5236 experience copper Prestige 0 Reading Access 2 110 Sex Male from China. TAIWAN line 0 hours until the time of last login 10/04/2007 23/07/2006 2562 Digest Posts 0 Credits outstanding experience in the copper 2 5236 7802 0 1104 Prestige read access # Posted on 2007-4 - 4 14:17 | the look out
Rice University vs. University of Texas at Austin for undergrad? (students, alumni, or parents please!)?0Carlyle2012-08-01 02:59:02
I am currently a junior in high school and in the top 1.8% of my class (8 out of 585) and my average is around 4.35. I know it's early to watch, but UT and rice are the two schools I am considering. I am a Longhorn and I bleed orange, and not just have a good honors program for biology, but is associated with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, where I would like to work if they were selected. Although education is first, I have many friends at UT, both parents and lots of cousins ​​was, and I am a triple legacy of a great brotherhood. I also love Austin. I'm on the rig in my school and I love the tradition of Texas, football, fraternities, field trips and excursions to the beach with friends. For housing, I love to go to Hardin House or DRS. There are plenty of attractive guys too (not the case with Rice, I hear) ;). I'm not a big partier and not drink at all, I am willing to work hard and stay up late. With a heavy dance program I'm used to it! I do not cheat on anything or you can be added (a lot of kids know how to do honors, which is annoying when a higher rank than hard workers). Rice is an hour away from home and offers an incredible education, in addition to a program of premedication with Baylor medical school, where I would go if they were admitted. Houston is a city too big, and my mother was able to complete their postgraduate courses. She went to UT for biology and AP Biology help me, who reads scientific journals every day for fun he would love to go there for the biology department strong and really want me to go, too. I do not like the lack of Greek life, sports team of mediocre (and guys .. just be honest! I care more about personality, though) and less than fierce mascot. It's cute, but because it reflects the intelligence and no style housing Hogwarts, and Quidditch, which is cool.However, I'm undecided, because incomes are different and I hear the classes are expensive. What I mean is, the rank and GPA are important, but they like, if you specialize in something. I'm in a group dance / exercise and auditions for the company of my study, so maybe that tell me? I visited the campus of the UT and Rice's visit later this week. Oh, and I heard during the week of owl that some hosts put the prospects of parties and drinking, which is a departure for someone who does not prefer that side. I want to have fun, so IOVE Austin and its many music festivals and peculiarities. So basically I have a trade off to have fun and really enjoy a good education, or having less fun and receive an amazing education. I know you both have great opportunities, but I just want an idea of ​​how nice it is and how well they felt they were taught. I might add, I hear Rice professors are much more care of their students and how they learn, but I have this from UT? Thank you very much in advance!
Somebody want to trade bf bad company 2 vietnam map pack?0fourth grade2012-07-15 07:09:01
I have BF 1943 Annihiation black ops first strike black ops Mortal Kombat 9 a through line (not used) Uncharted 3 are online (unused) Back to Karkand DLC BF3 Bf3 go online (use) do not know if it works Little Big Planet My id is chuydurango93 , Justo (PS3 )
Vietnam should pay attention to trade and investment issues1eric carriere2012-09-22 14:17:03
Viet Nam should pay attention to issues of trade and investment

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