How does the ows crowd feel about the fact that insider trading and stock bribes are legal for congress? related questions

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How does the ows crowd feel about the fact that insider trading and stock bribes are legal for congress?3annomous2012-08-29 10:05:02
Isn't insider trading being legal in congress a license sponsored by congress to steal?2Naviva2012-10-23 08:27:02
Is not insider to be legal in Congress sponsored a license to steal by Congress ?
How do you feel about Congress and insider trading?3ggg2012-10-09 10:57:02
I have long believed that there is a conflict of interest and that something has to be done. This is the reason why I was so opposed to Medicare Part D, and apparently the new Health Care bill is rife with opportunity for further insider trading at the expense of tax payers. What steps can be taken so that this practice ends?
The STOCK Act, a bill banning insider trading in Congress, being water down?0beeni2012-09-28 23:00:02
Majority Leader Eric Cantor and House Republicans caved in to pressure from right-wing groups of special interest , goes behind closed doors to dilute the STOCK Act , a bill that bans insider trading in Congress . The vote on STOCK Act is scheduled for tomorrow and the Republicans are trying to divide late . Do Nothing Congress obviously can do something when it is in ours interest.not
Since the Stock Act comes up for a vote tomorrow, and stop members of congress from insider trading, why...?2JennyB2017-09-21 01:16:58
Eric Cantor and Boehner is trying to carve and weaken at the last minute ? Tonight we are doing some last minute back door maneuver to weaken the bill. WHY? Should not be for a project like this?
If Politicians can't continue "Insider" trading, are they likely to start taking Bribes from Lobbyists?10Ashlynn2015-07-20 00:04:52
What is the difference between legal insider trading and illegal insider trading?1Tasia2012-07-17 12:55:02
I always thought that the insider trading was illegal especially after hearing about how Martha Stewart got in trouble for it. But now I realize that may be legal too. Can someone explain the difference?
Is Congress guilty of insider trading?2JOCOBI2012-08-03 11:35:02
It seems that U.S. congressmen, their families, and their staffers have been making tremendous amount of money by investing in companies that benefit from their decisions. People who sit in on meetings where their decisions affect the stock prices of banks, corporations, etc. are allowed to use this information freely. How do they get away with it? It seems that congress and their staffs are immune from insider trading laws!!! The same kind of behavior that has put thousands of others in prison for exactly the same thing. Is Congress guilty of insider trading, and should members be held to the same laws and regulations that all other citizens must abide?
Do you think insider trading in congress will ever be made illegal?1voytek2012-08-31 16:19:02
Do you think the insiders in Congress ever be illegal?
Is Congress subject to insider trading laws?0Christo2012-07-23 23:45:02
I was told they are not.
What will you do about Congress members' insider trading, which is illegal for the rest of us?0Patiance2012-09-22 12:54:02
Martha Stewart went to jail for it . The rich get rich in the stock market , while the poor get poorer . Many blame Wall Street bankers for economic inequality , but it seems politicians in Washington are guilty of making laws that enrich their own pockets .
Why does congress get to personally profit from insider trading knowledge?2Nicky2012-09-21 06:11:02

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