While open interest goes up immediate next day trading rate is falls down and vice versa.Is that correct? related questions

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While open interest goes up immediate next day trading rate is falls down and vice versa.Is that correct?1Alice2012-10-05 15:47:02
While open interest rises immediately after the type of day trading falls and vice versa.Is right?
NFL trading question, why dont players have loyalty to their teams, and vice-versa, like asante samuel?7Alv2012-10-14 11:49:03
for example, why is daunte staulworth signing with the browns, and asante samuel leaving the pats, and moss isnt signed yet. samuel said he wants to win a SB, so why doesnt everyone comeback, is $$$ that big of an issue?
Spot usd/cad is trading at 1.3850. Given 3-month US interest rate at 6% and 3 month Canadian interest rate at.?0Joyc2012-08-01 11:37:02
Spot usd/cad is trading at 1.3850. Given that 3 month US interest rate at 6% and 3 month Canadian interest rate at 4.5%. What should the 3 month outright rate for USD/CAD? Solve.
How do I transfer things from my side account in Neopets to my main account and vice versa?3bel2012-10-14 16:56:02
Is it appropriate to use the factory ? MedlinePlus (also for neopoints )
In option trading why interest rate is always 1.00%?0Antony2012-08-24 01:43:22
for every action I've seen in the option string expresses the interest rate is 1.00% all .. MedlinePlus Why is that?
Do You Actually Get The Correct Exchange Rate When Trading Money At a Bank?1Monquie2012-08-12 06:40:03
I've looked at the current exchange rate of pesos to dollars, and 1 peso = .0744 cents. I have a 1987 Madero 500 coins , and apparently is equal to $ 37.2 . Would he take it to my local bank and actually get $ 37.20 ? Or I can get more, like 25 cents ?
Might someone with background in currency trading and interest rate tell if following is true?0Feodor2012-10-13 11:11:02
If China increased the value of Yen five percent , then it would take 5% more dollars to pay the interest on the bonds. Would it be correct to say that interest rate above 5 % . As we just said seems too simple , is there a way to calculate the exchange effect on performance in dollars equivalent to the state effect on the rate of interest ?
What does open interest means in F&O trading?0salsha2012-07-13 15:43:02
If the % change in open interest is +ive or -ive, what will be the trend of that very future stock
What is open interest with regard to options trading?0NEED ANSWER URGENT. ANON.2012-11-03 12:26:07
What is open interest regarding options trading ?
What does open interest mean when trading in futures in shares?0kayla jenkins2012-07-21 23:28:02
how does one interpret the data given out in news bulletins?
In option trading what is the difference between Volume and Open interest?0zachary2012-08-12 19:03:02
If you buy 10 of the Microsoft March 27.5 calls, you are buying calls to " open" . This purchase will add 10 to the open position, but if I leave the position, you sell these same options of " close" and open interest , then fall by 10 . is not the same with the volume?
How can I use the Open Interest (Option) to strategize my stocks trading0help me2012-07-11 07:36:11
. Some people say the market movers move the stock market is the direction which they have to pay the least amount of money to option traders in 3rd Friday the month. I try to use Open Interest in option to make sense of market

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