Question about my future and where I go from here?

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Asked at 2012-08-03 17:47:50
I want to start off by saying I am 18, I left school at 16 (not really achieving any good Gcse's) My father suggested I pickup a trade. So I enrolled for a city and guilds electrical course level 2. I managed to pass the first year, but knew deep down it wasn't the career path for me. However my father had such high hopes for me, that I thought I owe it to him to to stick it out until I finished the level 3. Once the course was finished I did some voluntary work for a local electrician i know , i found the work repetitive and boring -there was no motivation whatsoever. Now I find myself in the position where I should be looking for work , but because I have absolutely no enthusiasm to succeed in this type of career,I'm finding I'm not pushing myself to want to find a job of this kind. I recently have been considering bettering my education and maybe re-taking my gcse's, but at the same time I feel obliged to work and help support my family pay the bills.
Answer1ROCKYAnswered at 2012-10-02 21:52:25
A lot of people working part-time while completing their education . Do not stay forever in a job you hate ... I know a lawyer who is in his shoes and he comes home every day dejected and depressed .
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