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Is share trading a good way to make money?4Hottie 2012-09-29 18:23:02
Hi there!! Q1. I am curious to know if share trading (any kind) a good way to make money. particularly am talking abt intraday. Q2.. i mean if u invest in a big company's share like Tata motors and even if it goes up only 5 points per day or say 20 points on an average everyday or sometimes it goes 30 points and sometimes 10 points during a year. it means a yearly return of 20% on the money and that's not bad. Your advice on this........... Q3. Am thinking of investing in only the big companies, cos in these according to what i know. The money only gets stuck when the market is down or the share is down but whenever the share goes up your money will be recovered and u will start making profits and it will definately go up sooner or later. so what i understand, money is not lost. either it grows when the share goes up or it just gets stuck and whenever the share goes up the money is retrieved plus the profit. Q4. what abt short selling. i have heard when the market is going down then u can do short selling. what u say abt this. Thank you for your knowledge have a nice day!!
How to make money in share trading...?1Yolanda2012-07-31 10:02:55
Plz help facing a lot of loss.
Is it hard to make money with Forex? Can one get good enough to make a living out of trading currencies?1jackee2012-08-16 00:59:02
Any good advice?
How can i make money from intraday share trading?1Winona2015-07-14 02:39:26
How I can make money with stock trading intraday ?
How can I make Money from Daily Share Trading? Also from Land Dealing? ?3bob dylan2012-09-08 18:00:02
share market
Is it possible to make money from share trading and Forex trading?1Riri2012-09-28 21:17:02
Hello friends , I have the intention to start online share trading , i opened account in share trading and forex trading . My plan is 100 % committed to share and forex trading. I'll take that as a full time job and business . If I work hard and read business papers can earn 10% of my investment monthly . And also help me , Forex trading or stock trading , that is good ? ? ?
Can you make good money day trading?2gerardo2012-08-09 18:54:02
is this a good career path? what are the best courses to pursue to succeed in this trade?
Could I make good money by trading Forex, starting with $500?1Alina2012-10-01 19:23:03
Hello , MedlinePlus So I have curious if I can make some money with Forex trading , starting with a relatively small amount of money . MedlinePlus From what I see trends are small and for a period of three days from December -18 -15 December was the MedlinePlus GBP / USD with +0.4 % trend of sterling . Well ... I'm not in this business so I have no idea what kind of money you need to start watching .... but the previous exchange rate , this means that if I buy GPB with 500USD and resell it three days later in the best possible that you will end up with 0.4 percent ? That, of course , will be money fun ... MedlinePlus So what you advise me to do ?
Is day trading a good way to make money with the proper education?0bk2012-07-24 06:27:02
What do you think about day trading ? Please give your honest opinion and objective
I like to do online trading,do you know any proven trading software that i use to trade and make good money?4beans2012-10-02 02:23:02
I like to do online trading , do you know any proven commercial software that I use to trade and make good money ?
Are there any good forex books by authors that actually make money on trading?0carolyn2012-07-15 03:48:02
I'm after a book introducing me to the inner workings of Forex trading. I've taken a quick look at a few books, but they all appear to be written by people that make a living from Forex trading, rather than writing about how to do it & providing seminars? When you Google or Wikipedia the authors, you don't seem to find a lot of information about them, other than they have written a book!
Ok I have $500 and i want to start trading in the stock market. is 500 good enough? will i make money?5Ayeisha2012-10-24 13:04:02

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