United States currency has value primarily because it:? related questions

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United States currency has value primarily because it:?1Christine2015-07-29 22:10:08
U.S. currency is valued primarily because : A. It is legal tender , is generally acceptable in exchange for goods or services, and is backed by gold and Silver federal government B . It is generally acceptable in exchange for goods or services, is backed by gold and silver from the Federal government, and facilitates trade C is relatively low, is legal tender , and is generally acceptable in exchange for goods and services D. Facilitates trade is legal tender , and allows the use of credit cards and money close to
Where do i got to trade currency's for 10000 Afghans into United states dollars?0Sami2012-10-05 15:02:32
Where do I have to trade forex for 10,000 Afghans in U.S. dollars?
I need someones judgment on currency trading taxes in the United States?0Maite2012-07-14 19:27:04
I have traded. Made profits and losses. My concern is what is taxed, the final outcome of my account (tax net profit?) or all the times I have profited at each trade. Do not know how these taxes work and need an internet source to look it up. Regards.
The Arab Oil Cartel has leaked the news of not using United States currency in Foreign Trade, then denied it?0Cookie2012-08-02 02:17:52
do you think this leak was testing the markets? Is it possible, the US Dollar will no longer be used in foreign trade as the Worlds Currency?
that the United States and the United States through South Korea! Amazing! Cute!1E, clenched multitudinous -2012-03-30 19:26:14
that the United States and the United States through South Korea! Amazing! Cute !
What does the United States ....?1manaswi2012-08-28 21:59:03
What does the United States Trade with China , Germany , Canada, Russia, Europe ,& Mexico . Like can you tell me what do they trade with the U.s.a P/S -----> Please dont lead me to any links can you just copy and paste the items Thanks
Help...United States........................0IceIpac2012-07-27 09:06:02
Official Name of Country Popular Name of Country Capital City Administrative Divisions Other Major Cities Area Boundaries Landforms/Terrain Bodies of Water Climate Natural Resources Land Use Environmental Issues/Natural Hazards Population Language Religion Life Expectancy Literacy Gross Domestic Product Per Capita GDP Industry Agriculture Exports Imports Balance of Trade Currency/Exchange Rate
Is China the next United States? What becomes of the US then?1Mr. smileyface2012-09-28 05:17:02
If so , what do you think will happen to the U.S. ? U.S. Economy if the worst thing is the worst at this time .. Unlike China is really getting rich . MedlinePlus The truth is that not be surprised if Chinese Yuan replace the U.S. dollar as currency trading world someday .
United States Net Exports?0ceema2012-09-01 00:02:03
Is the United States in a trade deficit that matter most to export ? and I can have a source please?
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United states of freedom?0co2012-07-21 20:07:02
apart from having the biggest slave trade the world has ever known and committing near genocide on an indigenous native population i love america, we're so free and stuff
How do I find BestShareGreenTeaOriginalSlimmingDietTeaFunSlim from United States?0petie2012-07-27 01:10:02
How I can find BestShareGreenTeaOriginalSlimmingDietTeaFunSlim U.S. ?

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