Agree with my view on the nets trade? (read description)? related questions

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Agree with my view on the nets trade? (read description)?1barbHELP!!!!2012-08-15 05:30:06
When the nets traded for D-Will, I was shocked. I think this move was a tragedy to the nets team. The nets did this because they wanted to show the knicks that they could go out and get a big superstar as well. HOWEVER, D-Will is the only player they got and his contract is up next year and the nets hardly have ANY chance to make it to the playoffs this year. So basically the nets gave up two future 1st rounders, Devin Harris and their rising rookie Derrick Favors for a superstar who's contract is up next year. D-Will is amazing, but they shouldn't have made this trade because it DESTROYED their future and Williams' contract is up next year and the nets aren't even gonna make the playoffs most likely. Agree?
Would someone want to trade map packs? READ DESCRIPTION?0 rise to kiss you -2012-08-20 23:24:25
I want the Rezurrection map pack for Black Ops . In return , you can have my map pack in MW3 . Thank you ! : D
I have a sharebuilder account. What's a fed call? Please read description.?0heranda2012-09-08 16:40:07
I recently bought shares with express funding . That's when ShareBuilder will give credit to buy stocks that day , then take the money from your bank account the next day. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I recently sent an email saying that my account does not have enough money to meet the requirements of a trade. I can fix this by 1. deposit money in the amount of the call MedlinePlus 2. Deposit doubl range for value of 2 times the amount of the call. MedlinePlus From Sharebuilder automatically withdraw money from my bank account tomorrow , that will satisfy your "Call Fed '?
How does selling work in the stock market? pls read description?0kain2012-09-19 10:28:04
im wanting to get into day trading . ive made ​​an account on a simulator bag with fake cash and I'm doing something good $ 1000 + profit a day . But I wonder why all this sounds easy , but if I were to say buy 4,000 shares climb 0.80 and I can sell at the time and my $ 3,200 back or I have to find someone who will buy 4,000 shares at least once before I get my return ?
Scene and kandi style and rave questionS? Don't judge read the description. K?0i hate catherine 2012-07-17 00:50:02
Im not going to raves cuz of drugs. I know that not all ravers do drugs but I will not be all that influence. No offense . Only I have some questions . Of course I have only twelve. But plz response. Need advice. 1) I can use Kandi ? I'm not a preparation, but I know I mean Represents ravers , so I'm not so sure. 2) good stores for my style I love Kandi idea of ​​the rainbow and stuff, but I like to dress in black with bright colors. Apart from hot topic and Calle 21 , which I will plz. 3) I call if I rave kandi or not. Good idea? Bad ? 4) I just want to be myself. That's why I love Kandi . , Do you understand ? 5) to only trade ravers ? 6) I can negotiate. ?
Agree or Agree: NO should trade their 1st overall pick to Boston Celtics?2Ashley2012-08-24 23:21:01
They get a top 5 big man in Ryan Hollins
Questions for new jersey nets/ brooklyn nets fans ?0rasheda2012-07-23 12:42:02
1.who would you like to see as the building block superstar talent for the upcoming season? -I know everything is still up in the air, but gut feeling tells me that Deron Williams will not be resigning with that team. Nets can offer him the most $$$$$$$$$$ but even so, I think he wants to win right now and doesn't want to have to wait to rebuild another franchise. Taking all that into consideration, which free agent do you think the nets should sign? I really don't see a lot of options out there in terms of super star caliber. To name a few theres: Steve Nash, OJ Mayo, Ray Allen, Gerald Wallace, KG, Tim Duncan, Hibbert, Lopez and Kaman. Furthermore, I don't think the nets are willing to trade him for anybody. So as a nets fan, are you fine w/ Williams walking away and having cap space to do whatever you want (mind you, this would probably mean he signs with dallas). or would you rather see the nets trade him away for an Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol? At least you would be getting some value back and you still have cap space not to mention lottery picks in the upcoming draft.
Good NBA trade for Lakers magic nets rockets???? 4 team trade?1Plato2012-10-08 12:43:08
1 won
The Nets need to trade for D12?2Valentino2012-09-24 21:31:01
If we don't we are going to turn into the new Hawks. Well we would be atleast a little better then the Hawks since we didn't have Brook, Johnson, or Wallace last year. Still I am concerned we will be stuck as a playoff team going no where, but Dwight puts us over the top even if we don't have a good bench. We wont have a good bench regardless because of Brook Lopez and Hump who would be traded for Howard. Starting Lineup D-Will JJ Wallace Teletovic (best euro league player already signed by Nets) Howard I think this team would challenge the heat they mesh well together and Wallace would be the Dennis Rodman of the big 4. Do you agree?
R. Evans, sign & traded, to the Nets for a 2nd round pick. So tell me, how come the Nets didnt just sign him?1Zanobia2012-08-20 05:02:26
why give up the pick? was he restricted?
Cavs and nets trade?2KoKaNeE BaBy 2012-10-20 10:40:57
well before the trade say dumb and stupid thinking please .... MedlinePlus wally contract ends and you get easy 13mil MedlinePlus Everyone knows that the networks are looking to 2010 and not going anywhere until the . With this trade they can get to the superstars that carefree offseason .... MedlinePlus The Cavs need someone to help Lebron score . Do not play D. Just to score. MedlinePlus Think before you say trade is one-sided . think ahead . MedlinePlus The networks also have a draft pick MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://games.espn . / nba / features / tr
Nets and Nuggets trade?0handrielle2012-09-10 02:00:07
If Carmerlo agree to trade , do you think the Nets have a chance this year or is it too late ? And what about the future of Billups in New Jersey ? Finally , he got the better end of the operation . Personally I think the nuggets r going to be the best team in two years from now , Harris , Favors and four first round picks ? ! This team can be very good and this will make the control of Harris

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