Why does our Congress protect Israels sovereignty more than our own? related questions

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Why does our Congress protect Israels sovereignty more than our own?6vernee2012-09-23 14:57:02
At home, anyone who questions free trade, open border, and multinational corporate profiteering in this new global multicultural world is considered living in the past, a bigot, and closed minded. Why is it then that Israel is admired for and allowed to not only protect its borders but every action that promotes jewish majorities? It is a nationalistic and tribal nation living on ideas of the past in every possible way, yet unlike any long lasting independent tribal nation, they depend on a vast public/private economic welfare from overseas. Without American support or aid, modern Israel would be as viable as an independent Basque nation. If we support Israel being sovereign and nationalistic why is it so taboo for Americans to do the same within our own country!?
Isn't insider trading being legal in congress a license sponsored by congress to steal?2Naviva2012-10-23 08:27:02
Is not insider to be legal in Congress sponsored a license to steal by Congress ?
Are we trading our national sovereignty for financial stability?4corry2015-07-18 19:46:14
Are we trading our national sovereignty to financial stability ?
How to protect the environment1Paul2012-04-18 22:09:43
Protecting the environment
How to protect my advertisement ideas?1Pickle2012-06-28 20:51:02
How to protect my ideas of advertising?
Does the law exist to protect the privileged?0AyPa2012-08-26 10:48:02
I think so . Take, for example , thieves , get hard time. Insider trading on the other hand is a slap on the wrist . Or look at the drug laws , for example. How many lucrative career options exist for those with only a high school education ? The more I think about the law , which seems more ethical . What do you say ?
Are their any democrats willing to protect us from terrorists?4Shalini2012-11-05 19:28:01
You Can Protect Your Body From Becoming Unhealthy Through Resveratone0shanehammer2021-11-11 23:14:31
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Would This 30 Day Money Back Guarantee Protect Me ?2Hermione2012-09-28 12:37:03
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How to protect digital camera lens?0Nick Ross2012-10-02 22:09:48
How to prevent wear, ah , what clear tape will help you find a way to dominate
Buy Provisine To Protect Eyes From Air Pollutants0dwighthair2021-10-16 01:45:47
Dr Bates vision improvement methods are still being 100 years later. Both these studies witnessed a correlation of tight neckties with either a reduction in visual acuity or an increase in intraocular pressure. The more I scratched, the more the flaking developed into full blown scales, silver in color, and all I had to do was just pick at the scales... and provisine they would fall off.
Dodgers towards Protect at Household vs. Rockies0Finnegan2021-06-22 20:33:05
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