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Who thinks Dwyane Wade misses being "the guy"?2Suzana2012-09-20 19:25:02
And that is why he got into it with Spoelstra because he questioned his stardom? I think Wade and LeBron need to be separated via trade, making this team the most disappointing in NBA history!!!
Should Dwyane Wade be traded?1Dempse2012-07-31 15:27:55
And if so , what team will take a grumpy old superstar 30yrs who is often injured and still can not shoot consistently 9 years in the NBA?
Chris Bosh > dwyane wade agree?2the awakening2012-08-11 17:33:02
Keep bosh and lebron, amnesty wade. Get allen/kaman and trade miller.
How is Dwyane Wade for Kobe Bryant a bad trade?1Kayse2012-11-04 20:44:02
Kobe would have the chance to win 2 or 3 more rings and Wade would have another man again and again in Bynum Shaq because Shaq arrived by the time the Heat was playing at the level Bynum is playing now . And Gasol could be fine version of Alonzo
Why do people discredit Dwyane Wade for not winning a Championship without Shaquille O'neal?3Agnes2012-10-23 09:07:02
The only seasons played without Shaq was his " rookie " season when he led his team to the second and this season Rd . Last season Shaq was a member of the Heat and when he was traded to the Suns , the heat was already sentenced to not make the playoffs . Wade is nothing without Shaq as Kobe without Shaq . Kobe has been playing without Shaq by " several " seasons, while this be the first season without Shaq Wade ( the operation of the Sun ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus However, unlike Kobe Bryant , I do not think Dwyane Wade has to prove himself without Shaquille O'Neal . It was Wade who led the Heat to their first NBA championship for the capture of " The MVP of the finals." Wade was "first-choice " while Shaq played " second fiddle " ... But Kobe , who has never proven himself as a " first choice " because he won every championship he played " second fiddle " . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Indeed , he ( Kobe ) could have played " Fiddle third" during the 2000 NBA Finals . I remember all- star " Glen Rice " be on that team , while Kobe was still young. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Anyway, Dwyane Wade has had no chance to win without Shaq to cut the crap . AFAIK The Heat are still in the playoffs and have not yet.
Awww D-Wade blocked me PS: Rondo is better than Wade and Kobe?4melynda2012-10-22 01:32:00
The age of Kobe? Rondo wins. And Rondo is just a better player than Wade. Both the Lakers and the heat change their players to the rondo. There is no doubt .
Palace of Wisdom Inquiries Part 28: "MIZtakes, Memories, and Misses" and "The Second Coming"?1Lu2012-10-05 23:52:08
Opening Statement **: ** MedlinePlus "Wisdom" is back to Wrestling Section! This edition will have only five questions, because prolonged my opening statement. Yes, I've been away for a couple of weeks and I'm sorry that I missed. People Lately, I've been looking at the question in the fighting and have noticed that finally choose to answer questions that require lengthy and thorough good! Unfortunately I was banned because of my mistake I made. However, I'm back fresh and new has many new things to talk about in the World Wrestling. The 30th Anniversary of the Palace of Wisdom Inquiries coming soon. Topics such as "Trump RAW", "ECW Initiative", "Trade in man 15", "The Miz vs. John Cena feud", "CM Punk vs. John Morrison match," and more. I'm back and I hope people take notice. Also on the 30th Anniversary'm announcing a new series all year-long. And when you answer this, people will forget what you did! It was forbidden you happy! So I really can not be described as a cheater now! Now that's out of my system. Let's go to questions from the 28th episode! MedlinePlus Reports: **** 1.) I knew from the beginning the feud Cena / Miz was a huge MIZTAKE. It will only be remembered as one of the many bad memories of dinner, and also said that another potential star crushed by the "greatest man in the bar" as Cena. I really do not see why would the PPV match shorter than the match they had on RAW the next night. OH YEAH! I forgot! "Cickness Dinner" is what happens to their opponents in almost every PPV. What do you like about this fight? I know that the options are few, but there are some. MedlinePlus 2). "The Tower of Power, a sweet sour, funky like a monkey, OH YEAHHHHH". The macho man's words. If you just bought the DVD of Macho Man, what's your favorite game on it? MedlinePlus 3.) MVP and Triple H was in it the other night on RAW. When MVP was "Ballin '" the crowd went "BOOIN'". MVP is on, once again, a bad run. What do you think will be the future of the Beach Ballin '? MedlinePlus 4.) Candice Michelle. Hermosa. Release date yet. At least it will be chained to the PG rating no more. No Playboy? What are your thoughts about his release? MedlinePlus 5.) John Morrison continues to demonstrate why it is the best HBK and new. I am very adamant that he will be in the main event at SummerSlam. A triple threat between him, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk would be very attractive. Or just going against CM Punk and Jeff Hardy. What do you expect? SummerSlam is in his hometown. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Bonus Question **: ** MedlinePlus It was for four years from 1998-2002 because of a serious back injury. Who is this wrestler? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 6). MedlinePlus A: Shawn Michaels MedlinePlus B: Triple H MedlinePlus C: MedlinePlus Undertaker D: MedlinePlus Kane MedlinePlus (The 29th edition of the Palace of Wisdom Inquiries will be a regular episode)
Who thinks we will never know the whole truth?0Chrisy Morris2012-10-08 16:51:51
I'm not looking for a right or wrong answer here , just opinions . In 9/1/1 when the Twin Towers were attacked still feel after all these years that there's much more complicated than our government is saying . I'm not saying that our government is responsible , as they know much more than what they are sharing . What do you think ? Do you think it will be the same as Roswell so many years and never know ? The whole event just saddens me even yet. Please share your thoughts with me .
Who thinks China's taking over?0wade2012-09-15 08:10:03
I can check the online CIA World Factbook , and looking to 2008 ... MedlinePlus MedlinePlus China's GDP ( gross domestic product ) grew by 9.8 % compared to 1.3 % United States . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus China had a trade surplus of $ 368 billion , while the United States had a trade deficit of $ 569 billion . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus It is a sobering reminder that the United States , while still the world's superpower , is in danger of being replaced in the near future ...
Who thinks lindsay is full of it?1pierre j. paul2012-08-14 15:34:02
Lindsay Lohan just go and he did his head in the sand somewhere. this girl is suing e-commerce, since it uses your first name. this is the news. Chris Brown, a spokesman for Grey Group , which produced the event, told the Post that "only uses a popular baby name became the name of someone in the accounts team . " That is so full of it. no part of my views on this
Who really thinks it was all of Kobe's doing to get SHAQ out of LA???6Babygurl2012-10-16 22:08:02
Everyone is to blame here. Buss for not running out the two down and talking with them. Perhaps play a little sense and saying we want a couple more championships and the need for the two on board. If I were Buss , I would be paying anything Shaq if he was committed to winning. This leads to my second point ... Shaq. Obviously you get to Los Angeles with his head and belly. He gained weight really hurt your game that allows your body to break down more. I do not blame Shaq Buss whole negotiation if your waist size is predicted to continue rising . He is not the victim by any means. He lost the weight of a season in Miami , why not Los Angeles. Oh yes, he can not stand the guts of Kobe. The next point ... Kobe. He will be the best player of this generation. When I was on the Organizing Committee to speak with the " Dr." Buss in the future. If you care about rings and winning , you should bring it back, said Shaq for a few years. We know it's a little older, but you can get at least 1 or 2 more rings. Kupchak .. nuff said!
Who thinks that Global Warming is still a worry?3joejoe2012-11-05 20:52:03
Are you sitting ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Well , here's the bomb. The volcanic eruption in Iceland , since its first spewing of volcanic ash has , in just four days, negated every effort made in the past five years to control CO2 emissions on our planet - all of you . MedlinePlus Of course you know about this evil carbon dioxide that we are trying to suppress - it

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