Question is related to Stock Trades that I made in the year 2008 and filling my Tax Return? related questions

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Question is related to Stock Trades that I made in the year 2008 and filling my Tax Return?0tamara2012-08-03 02:50:03
I have not gained or loss substantial amount of money, however, I have made over 100 Trades in the year 2008. If I show all the trades for the year, 2008, I would have to pay about 5000$ worth of money in Tax. Since I have not actually gained any money through those trades, this is a big loss for me. How Do I actually show in my Tax Return so that I do not owe that money to govt.
What all trades do you think will be made in the 2008-2009 season???Any rumors of future trades????1Flora2012-10-09 15:27:01
What do you think all businesses will be in the 2008-2009 season ? ? ? Rumors of future negotiations ? ? ? ?
What happens if you do not report option and stock trades in your tax return?0N-TITLE 2012-09-16 10:40:05
What if you do not report option and stock trades on your tax return ? Is it only bad if the IRS audits ?
What happens if you do not report option and stock trades in your tax return?1walter2012-11-02 16:31:01
What if you do not report option and is listed on your tax return ? Is it only bad if you get audited ?
They say a good rate of return on stocks is 15% per year...what about the professional stock traders?0amy rain2012-09-13 16:36:02
The guys who are making trades constantly , what do they do in their investments before the capital gains tax is put on ?
For a low risk high return short term investment which is better? stock market or currency trades?1help...2012-11-06 01:42:02
Im looking to invest only a small amount of money (
Investing question? Stock open price and what is a good return?0Ms. Sue this is for you--Please read2012-10-27 12:15:18
Hello I am new to stock trading , but I'm loving every minute of it for about the last two weeks . I wonder how you can tell what a stock is going to open in the morning ? Second, what should I be expecting an average return ? I'm up to seven percent in two weeks and feel great about this is that decent ?
I made $310.95 on my stock sales last year 2010 . DO I still have to file tax?0yt2012-10-01 17:14:03
I am new to this trading. I looked at my documents and calculated. I discovered that $ 310.95 . It's a small amount . My question is do I have to ? then I have to pay someone to help me with my taxes ..
I have a stock that trades at 3 bucks. it fluccuates $1. is it smart to sell high, and buy low within the year?0 조동사 2012-10-23 20:32:40
I have a stock that trades at $ 3 . fluccuates as $ 1 . Is it wise to sell high and buy low in the year ?
Preferred stock trades for $35 per share. annual dividend is $2.50 per share. What is its required return?3kori2021-06-28 23:58:49
Stock Trades and Margins Question...?1Stripperella2015-07-29 22:14:30
Felicity Hamilton wants to buy 900 shares of General Electric, currently sold in the market for $ 52 per share. Instead of liquidating your savings , decide to borrow through your broker. Suppose the margin requirement of the common stock is 50 %. If the stock falls to $ 42 a hand at the end of the year , show the gain in dollars and percentage return that happiness would be gained if the investment is made with 50 % margin , this contrasts with what she would do if she does not use any margin. Suppose a 9% interest on borrowed money . What is the net income margin of 50 %? without the range 50 %? What is the return on investment with 50% margin ? without the range 50 %? thanks
Question about filling the W-8BEN form?0katie2012-08-28 00:38:02
I am not a U.S. citizen or resident . I have a securities account in a stock trading institution .. MedlinePlus I am from Greece and , lately , I have moved to Italy .. MedlinePlus The security institution asked me to send an updated version of Form W - 8BEN with my address as my legal address Greece , Italy and my address as the mailing address . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I got confused in this part of the form n : MedlinePlus " " The beneficial owner is a resident of _________ , in the sense that the tax treaty between the United States and that country . " " MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Should I write a resident of Greece or Italy ? MedlinePlus nad is that there is more form filling , other than the addition of my address in Italy as Maling change directions as I moved to another country ?

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