Does Fidelity Investments have a stock symbol? Are they a publicly traded company? related questions

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Does Fidelity Investments have a stock symbol? Are they a publicly traded company?2Moreen2012-10-01 03:28:02
I can not find any details about a Fidelity Investments company profile and terms of stock market information . There are company site provides limited information about them as a company (large for services and funds and financial products they offer ). Does anyone know if they have a stock symbol ?
Is Goldstone Imaging of India a publicly traded company? Stock symbol?1i♥zee2012-09-13 09:07:02
Goldstone 's images of India , a publicly traded company ? Stock symbol ?
Is stock history and a company name public domain if the company is publicly traded.?0Falguni Patel2012-09-14 15:30:03
I have a website for investment advice , I have asked public companies for the right to paraphrase information from their respective company websites so you can do the analysis and recommendation of the company on my site , including the stock price history . I have been ignored so far after sending repeated emails
How do I buy stock in a publicly traded company?0Zahora2012-10-01 23:17:07
Be the Nasdaq symbol and found the price of the shares , but how do I buy shares ? That's what an e-commerce site like it for? Are there other sites like e-commerce can be better ?
What does it mean for a publicly traded company to buy back stock?0hottty2012-08-05 00:24:02
How it works Will you pay a premium for the shares? You can buy whenever they want ? How does this help / hurt the company ?
How does a company, that is not publicly traded, show new stock ownership?0jesseca2012-08-11 18:29:03
I'm working for a small company that has established the company's stock and wonder how they go about selling the stock ownership, I would ask , but not even sure . They have to prove ownership of new shares in his annual statement ? Or you just have to take into account the "minutes " (or an annual meeting ). I know someone who owns 20 % or more must be included in the declaration of the companies, but what about someone who owns only 10.5% ?
A company says it will give me shares of its stock , which is publicly traded.?0Daniel mom2012-10-19 15:25:12
However , these penny stocks and trades on OTC . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Assuming that I am " allowed" to sell the shares ( after consolidation , after the "period" ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Suppose I have 1000 shares . Let's say the stock is trading at 60 cents . If I sell everything, I get $ 600 ? What if people do not buy my shares ? ... So it makes no sense ... Right?
If you own stock in a publicly traded company and it gets taken over, how does that affect the stock price?2Jope2012-10-16 18:55:03
What happens to the stock of that company? Do you get awarded shares in the company that took over it? Thanks everyone!
Can a company's private (not publicly traded) stock be given to a corporate officer and not purchased?0Kashif2012-08-21 04:24:26
Can a private ( unlisted ) shares given to a director of the company and acquired no?
Can creditors go after investors of a publicly traded company on the stock market, if it goes bankrupt?0Bun2012-09-30 03:55:02
Investors are technically part owners of the company . So banks or lenders what the company is to pursue investors ?
Is there a coin company that is publicly traded as stock? Is there a public coin company that issues shares?0Social Science2012-10-21 15:22:01
If there is a company that sells coins and actions , what is the ticker ID ?
How is a company publicly traded but privately controlled?0J.R.2012-10-25 05:01:16
Companies like WWE and the Dow Jones are listed on the stock market open but privately controlled by key people in the company . How is that possible? Millions of people buy shares in the WWE and money is invested in your company by the public , but Vince McMahon and his wife , son , daughter and keep 96 percent of the voting power . How is that possible? Do you own a different type of securities as ordinary shares and all other preferred shares have ? Want to start a business and want to know how I can make my company public , but private control . Thanks for the help .

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