Choose a brand of LCD TVs can be trusted?

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Asked at 2011-12-22 04:44:06
Went to the store always hear the introduction of non-stop shopping guide , then I nod copies. This experience is not afraid to look ridiculous , what friends to teach me jealous ?
Answer1LauraAnswered at 2011-12-22 05:01:36
bngheshidaz: Hi, select the first television to believe in yourself and choose what appliances not necessary for the pursuit of technology, many items that are blinking, do not agree with the shopping guide. To adhere to one principle: you have to choose the brand of television, then there is the appearance, quality and price. In his own feelings about the image quality of LCD TVs have to buy brand computer, brand, country house should not be. If you do not consider the price factor, but considering the quality should be the first choice Sharp, Sony. Here are two suggestions for consideration: Select TV trilogy, the first time in the market to look, listen, for the second time in his own brand of interesting questions, the most appropriate general election of the three brands for the third time to determine the preferred brand of the test machine, if not satisfied with the mark of the second test machine. If you do not consider the price factor, the LCD TV will definitely have to buy Japanese brands, Japanese brands in China for the good sales are Sharp, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba. Sharp, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba in the saturation of color and sound quality is better than the Korean brand and national brands. In fact, the principle of selection of television is to believe in yourself, no more chasing technique, and some are puns, and put on a transistor to said high-tech electronic everywhere. Now large-scale production is the selection of experts only see the look and branding. Therefore, the choice of consumers first by aesthetics, not focus so much on technical aspects, and can easily be fooled to believe their eyes, some in the electronics store before the attention of the television and compare, you can, and not sensitive to the comparison, we should focus on price, were not clear in the choice of a brand when a co-low prices is a price comparison of inspiration for the high. The main function of the LCD TV is the resolution, response speed, color saturation, compare yourself to be able to see, if you choose a good brand, with the disc in themselves to be able to determine what products they want and see if sound demanding, offers the choice of foreign brands. In fact, the internal current good quality LCD TV that can meet consumer demand, the LCD TV market to make a good brand, Hisense, Changhong, Hua Xia these brands are able to meet your needs, you can use more than 12 years, the time of purchase according to your own preferences, appearance, size, performance (speed of response, pixels, etc) to buy the same order as above, the price of the same size to select, high trouble free performance.
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