Is there any job opportunity in Metal Industry,i have 2 yrs of experience in metal procurement and export? related questions

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Is there any job opportunity in Metal Industry,i have 2 yrs of experience in metal procurement and export?0Flirt 2012-08-02 16:57:02
hi ,i am working in Metal trading industry,handling all activities of a branch in Guinea(west africa) from 2 yrs.Now i am willing to work with a good reputed organization in metal industry(ferrous and non-ferrous) export/import in Canada or Europe. can anybody guide me to find such job opportunities.??
gear box which is used in metal industry1Bishop2012-03-19 20:48:43
Please send the price of the gearbox ZD20 ?
metal art, stainless steel products(fruit plate, vase, furniture, decoration, candlehodler,wine rack,photo frame, mirror frame and we can customize all metal /stainless steel products.1agirl1232012-07-18 06:32:02
Factory in China, Guangdong, Jiangmen. We are doing all kinds of metal/stainless steel products. and we have a nice decorate products. we welcome to visit our web: Any quesiton please contact me.
What metal is used in jewellery?1Hope2012-05-25 05:16:55
What metal is used in jewelry ?
What is gilt metal?1HotShot 2012-03-04 22:08:55
What is bullion ?
Metal trough1Taunya2012-09-23 13:39:10
Have friends who are now known with 100 * 200 * 100 1.5 50 thickness of the metal tray is the price ? Insiders, please know it. Very, very grateful!
How do i sew on metal buttons so they won't fall off?2Betsy2012-05-08 21:41:03
How I can sew on buttons, metal will not fall ?
Does anyone know some good metal ETF and on which site can I buy them?1Jasmine 202012-11-06 01:26:02
I need the names of the ETF shares currently trading . MedlinePlus Thanks in advance for the help!
What is the most expensive metal used in jewelry?1Can not copy individual ▃ ▁ 2012-01-10 18:09:30
What is the most expensive metal used in jewelry ?
Metal business card1Faithe2012-02-28 20:19:32
Metal Business Cards [Flash] [/ flash] metal alloy materials used cards, paper-thin and hard as steel, very flexible, a comparison with other materials, filling of honor, luxury, style of the King. Senior leadership of the company, government leaders and individuals to use, the more relevant your friends, and also the gift of the best. Market orientation: business leadership, heads of government and private property owners are sections of gold, silver, red, romantic, life, green, sapphire blue, purple embryo and other nobles, to the choice of people. Metal Business Card is a total alloy material: Type of lace hole, the big, luxurious, the kind of president exquisite three styles, dozens of colors, gold looks like gold, silver and elegant dignity. They make us feel the spirit, the style of the King. Reflects their identity, status, force. Seeking new luxurious exclusive agent for metal business cards - Let's take this opportunity right? A decent card like a banner designed posters in miniature, almost everyone around us in a box of people. It may be, business cards now too hard to do, because - participants increasingly, competition is intensifying. Offset printing of business cards has been pressure to 8 yuan / box, business cards Laser Printer 10 / box, remove the paper, labor, printed materials, rental cranes, utilities, etc. can only make $ 2-3 per box (price per case that had cards of 40-60 dollars is very different) Opportunities: I present to the big company - luxury new metal business cards.! It broke through the paper card fear of water, lack of quality, benefits and shortcomings of low and light cards on thin paper, the advantages of low cost products, but also has great Products: all kinds of politics, business and senior management ------- wallet card wedding, birthday, happy birthday commemorative --------------- elementary and secondary student teachers ---------------------- card school hotels, restaurants, dance halls, beauty salon ------ VIP Group and individual gifts --------------------------------------------- ----- picture cards gift cards sights of the unit, shopping companies ------------------------- --- culture discount card, heritage, exhibitions, fairs ---------------- Show Card academia, centers of social activity club ---- ------ merchandise display cards, museum cards companies and institutions ---------- ------------------- ---------- special access cards for use in the field of high --------------------- required smart cards in various types of awards small, rich, if they already do business cards or other paper printing business. You need no equipment investment, because my company to provide the metal blank card (color: gold, silver, pink, purple, green, blue, six classes; Specifications: Louhua, noble type, each equipped with a well 50 a box) for offset printing machines and screen printing business cards, and is used in printing ink and other supplies and paper business card. If you just joined, you can choose our company to provide the metal business card printing equipment - metal business card printer, at a price of 800 yuan, designed for printing all types of business cards metal. In the long term business by joining the Agent piece billet price of the offer, provide information about printing, business marketing guide. [URL = Love billion science and technology] ---------- enrichment network of technology: software mobile beauty, mobile telephony Beauty UV paint machine ceramic, UV paint, mobile beauty supplies, equipment metal business card, printers, printing supplies, heat transfer. Site
How to use activated carbon to refine metal02021-05-06 02:29:36
Activated carbon, is black powder or block, granular, honeycomb amorphous carbon, but also a regular arrangement of crystalline carbon.In addition to carbon elements, activated carbon also contains two kinds of admixtures: one is the chemical combination of elements, mainly oxygen and hydrogen, these elements are due to incomplete carbonization and residual in the carbon, or in the activation process, foreign non-carbon elements and activated carbon surface chemical combination;Another kind of admixture is ash, which is the inorganic part of activated carbon, and ash in active carbon is easy to cause secondary pollution.Because of its strong adsorption, activated carbon is widely used in production,In the life.Activated carbon material is processed by the amorphous carbon, has a large specific surface area, the gas, solution of inorganic or organic matter and colloidal particles have good adsorption capacity.Activated Carbon materials mainly include Activated Carbon (AC) and Activated Carbon Fibers (ACF), etc.Activated carbon material as a kind of excellent adsorbent, mainly because of its unique adsorption surface structure and surface chemical properties.Activated carbon material has stable chemical properties and high mechanical strength. The commonly used activation gases are carbon dioxide, water vapor, oxygen, etc., due to the oxidation reaction of these gases on the surface of the carbonized substance, eroding the carbonized substance, thus producing a rich porous structure.(2) Chemical method. activated carbon suppliers in saudi arabia  Chemical activation method is a method of preparing activated carbon by adding chemicals to the raw materials used or impregnation into the raw materials or carbonized materials, and then heating it at high temperature in inert gas.The chemicals used in chemical activation are generally dehydrating.The more commonly used activator is: inorganic acid varieties have phosphoric acid, sulfuric acid and boric acid, salt varieties have zinc chloride, calcium carbonate and potassium sulfate, alkali varieties have sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, etc.   The main principle of chemical activation method is the raw materials in 0.5~5 times the chemical activator impregnation for a certain time, in the process of heating, because of the dehydration of chemicals, the H and О elements in the raw materials in the form of water vapor released, the results produced a developed porous structure of activated carbon.The method requires the oxygen content in the raw material.25%, hydrogen content ≥5%[4], and most of the materials that can meet the requirements of this index are rice husk, wood and coal, etc 
metal temple/delivery in Brazil?0Shorty 2012-07-14 23:39:02
Good afternoonI would likewonder how I do to receive a purchase of glasses of metal here in Brazil ? thanks Lilian

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