Can somebody explain to me what bonds, futures, options on futures, currency and spot contracts are? related questions

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Can somebody explain to me what bonds, futures, options on futures, currency and spot contracts are?0Suzy Kasza2012-08-02 16:44:51
I was thinking of starting to operate in the near future, and just signed up for a commerce site practice to teach me. But I have no idea what exactly the future , etc. are opitions futures . Can someone please explain that to me. Also, which of them are wise to buy ?
Is it better to trade spot forex or currency futures? 0anil2012-07-24 16:48:02
Is it better to trade spot forex or currency futures?
What is the difference between currency futures & spot price?0AYANNA2012-10-16 02:00:24
For example , if the futures price is 46 then what is the cash price ? What counts is negotiated and where ? I know that is traded on NSE and MCX . But what about spot prices ? When changing money ( Western Union ) or any Bank rate is different from those listed on the exchange ? Or spot price and the future price are the same. thanks
Spot forex and futures? whats the benefit? futures brokers are much cheaper?0Tanya2012-08-03 03:22:02
Hi FXCM has been recommended to me for trading spot forex currency pairs. I mainly trade emini futures through a futures broker at $4.75 per contract per round trip. It seems much more expensive in the spread commission of 3 pips to trade currency pairs through FXCM to get the same profit per pip. What is the benefit of using FXCM or any other spot broker when I can just get $4.75 per round trip through a futures broker, I just can't see the point of paying a 3 pip spread. Am I missing something?
Can we trade futures contracts on mcx comdex just like trading options on nifty?0ωǒ Bu bad ⿺ 2012-07-12 02:26:02
Please someone explain me in detail or give link to websites where i can learn about futures n options trading0Ben2012-08-02 14:44:02
Do Hedge funds trade commodities, futures, currency, foreign and options as well as shorting?0Radzfar2012-10-13 00:55:12
Do Hedge commodities , futures trading funds , foreign currency options , and shorting ?
Futures contracts prices?0PeyPey2012-07-19 23:35:02
how do futures contract prices work? are there different strike prices like options or do you just take the current listed price and go long or short to simulate different strike prices? and for that matter, how do the quotes prices work? lean hogs are quoted at 93.9/lb right now, is that this months contract? an aggregate of near term and far term contracts? the last quoted contract that was traded?
Selling Futures Contracts?0millie2012-08-21 01:56:26
600 cows , 22,000 pounds of poultry per year per cow . Currently February, milk Mo wants to cover for March and an estimated 1800 pounds per cow . Milk futures contacts are £ 200,000 and only for sale / purchase integer quantities . March futures Milk CME currently trades at 17.7 carats and lower Mo can face is 12 carats. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus How many futures contracts must sell milk milk Mo ( and what percect milk production up is that? ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also I have some others related to this if anyone can help . It's for a friend who does not have yahoo answers .
USA FUTURES & SPOT markets?0Binga2012-09-21 00:40:13
1 Differences between the future and spot markets ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2 Is there a box that allows one to see MAJOR U.S. Photo - bags at once ? MedlinePlus (eg , S & P , NASDAQ , Dow Jones etc ) Please provide the URL . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3 What is the market showing Americans 0930amEST ring the bell before trading commences ? Is S & P ? What time ends ; ? MedlinePlus 430pmEST MedlinePlus 4 Futures USA markets open from when to when ?
What exchanges are these Futures contracts traded in?0Serina2012-09-15 10:16:04
What are these exchanges of futures contracts traded in ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus - Bund -Short Sterling MedlinePlus - Brent MedlinePlus Dow Jones - MedlinePlus & - ? FTSE MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Also if there is a link to a chart / table that I could see what is traded where , that would be great . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus thanks
Inexpensive FUTURES contracts for beginning traders?0ms. rizzo2012-10-01 14:50:02
Arent there are products that are less expensive to operate ? Say- corn , milk and sugar ? That does not require much room front to make products more expensive ? I have experience trading stock options but Wall Street has lost its charm . Experienced traders ONLY answer. Others reported ABUSE

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