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Decide my future! (please)?1Kelvina2012-08-04 20:55:02
I will graduate from university this December with a degree in neuroscience. You and I know that this whole college thing was a silly decision because three months from now I will be jobless, homeless, hungry, and lonely (but, thank God, I'll be able to tell you what an inward-rectifying potassium channel is!). Since a BS (!) in neuroscience isn't going to give me any upper-hand in the job market (or any hand at all really), I am looking to take up some sort of employable trade. The problem is I am good at almost nothing. I have no experience. I have no skills. But let's look at the bright side: I'm a clean slate, ready and willing to take up any trade imaginable. And I mean ANY. Because when you have no natural proclivities and no honed skills, why not look into masonry? It's as good as anything else. Please give me some ideas of what to do with my life! I will legitimately attempt to pursue one of the listed options. That's it. No other conditions. Really. I have no direction. No suggestion is too stupid or too unreasonable. If you don't give me options I will probably end up drawing from a hat anyway.
I just won a PS3 please help me decide what to do?2TINA52012-11-02 04:05:02
I just won a PS3 80 GB in a draw and I'm trying to decide what to do . I am a college student and never even consider spending money on an item like this . I have enough money to not have to worry about day to day things , but not enough to spend money on video game systems . Also I have a 6 year old daughter ( although I would never buy a game system to maintain a free might not be a bad idea. ) Tend to be very conservative with my money . Normally I would sell the system without even thinking about it and use the money for everyday expenses , I had some friends trying to convince me that I should do something fun for once and keep it. I'm deciding between three options , please help me decide what I do . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1) Sell the PS3 and use the money for your daily expenses / university . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2) Sell the PS3 and use the money for Christmas presents MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3) trade in the PS3 for a Wii (which is much more kid friendly and less expensive ) Having the Wii as a family and use the extra money to buy a game or two for my daughter for Christmas .
I cannot decide which one i should choose ?0Bjorn2012-10-05 16:57:33
I am a college student and I have to choose a third language to learn. ( English is my second ) My department is international trade . I have five options , German, Spanish , French , Russian or Chinese. What do you think might be good for my future career ?
How do you decide when and where to get your car serviced?0Gilley2012-10-22 13:38:38
Say you feel a vibration , heard a noise , and saw a leak , what will you do now ? Do you choose ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. The store able to look at your car as soon as possible . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 2. The workshop to accept the extended warranty . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 3. The store ad on a billboard , direct mail , newspaper , online , TV , or yellow pages book . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 4. The store that lets you provide your own pieces . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 5. The shop in the car dealership
Exist in Zuo Zuo , how should Zha decide just not Ta ?1Jerr2012-03-09 04:55:04
If I decide to avoid the Zuo Zuo Yu platform , but be the same as that Zuo Zuo not being added contents for Zuo, then you want me how to manage Ta? If the answer of guests Zuo Zuo ? But it is quite possible Zuo Zuo Zuo Zuo if Zuo
Why has it taken 42 years to decide Gadaffi has to go?2mnarjann2012-09-22 20:13:03
Daffi armed IRA Semtex , resulting in many deaths in pub bombings in the United Kingdom. " Ok , no. Well, we are dealing with it and the sale of arms." Daffi shot a policewoman in the course of duty outside the embassy . " Ok , no. Well, we are dealing with it and the sale of arms." Daffi ( supposedly) brought down Pan Am flight over Scotland. " Ok , no. Well, we are dealing with it and the sale of arms." Daffi agrees to renounce weapons of mass destruction and is embraced by Blair underworld . " Not bad. Well we can continue to deal with it and the sale of arms." Daffi decided to create a new currency with which African oil trade , therefore treatening the status quo, and the U.S. dollar supremicy . Daffi decide to work more closely with China for oil contracts and infrastructure .. Ok ........ "He's a mad dictator - dog. He has to go."
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How do I decide if I want to collect PlayStation 1 or not?0beans2012-07-17 00:08:02
hey im 17 and I was growing up ps1 traded out of the PS2 , anyway I'm trying to start collecting PS1 and currently has about 25 games, and for some reason I feel like I do not want to charge , to I feel sometimes after other times , on the one hand , it's fun to get the games that a child or Fairies of the few games, but on the other hand , 90 % of games I do not like and 10% of what I do rarely play, but if I sell my games I feel like crap because I have still the games that come out of eBay , plus it would be hard for my money back and would not know what to spend the money. So basically I do not know what to do, should I continue to collect ps1 and only deal with the fact that I did not play much , or should I sell and get out of it ? thanks
who can help me how to decide the fob price the usd is not steady1Horace2011-12-30 22:46:31
I am a new International Trade Saler The USD is not constant I can give the price of the renminbi to the foreign customer How to choose a better and honest exchange abroad
Is there a Bible verse that can help me decide what to do?0ko2012-07-22 04:48:02
I have an old college friend that designs, builds and sells buildings and bridges. he
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Trading securities are investments that will be sold in the near future, What determines near future?0Racoon2012-08-04 10:30:02
Is this a set amount of time?

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