Decide my future! (please)?

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I will graduate from university this December with a degree in neuroscience. You and I know that this whole college thing was a silly decision because three months from now I will be jobless, homeless, hungry, and lonely (but, thank God, I'll be able to tell you what an inward-rectifying potassium channel is!). Since a BS (!) in neuroscience isn't going to give me any upper-hand in the job market (or any hand at all really), I am looking to take up some sort of employable trade.

The problem is I am good at almost nothing. I have no experience. I have no skills. But let's look at the bright side: I'm a clean slate, ready and willing to take up any trade imaginable. And I mean ANY. Because when you have no natural proclivities and no honed skills, why not look into masonry? It's as good as anything else.

Please give me some ideas of what to do with my life! I will legitimately attempt to pursue one of the listed options. That's it. No other conditions. Really. I have no direction. No suggestion is too stupid or too unreasonable. If you don't give me options I will probably end up drawing from a hat anyway.
Answer1rose -Ms. SueAnswered at 2012-08-04 20:55:02
Try to enlist in the army as an officer in the degree.

A trade that would consder to get your license A & P to fix the aircraft, the trade takes about 18-16 months.
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