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How do exchange rates affect the economy?0sus2012-08-02 06:31:52
1) What impact does the exchange rate have on a nation's balance of trade? 2) Since the U.S. dollar is weak in relation to the euro, how would that affect U.S. exports to France? Would the French import less of more to America, and why? 3) Would this be good fo American producers, and why? 4) What would happen to French exports in America? 5) Would we buy more or less French goods? Why?
How does currency exchange rates affect international trading?0jj2012-07-01 21:56:02
I need a few points about asap
Can a closed economy have exchange rates?0Kyasia2012-07-28 22:52:59
A closed economy isn't trading with foreign countries, so is it safe to assume that for a closed economy has no exchange rates and NFI (Net foreign investments) remain zero?
How would an innovation like credit card affect an economy that operates under a flexible exchange rate?0emath2012-08-27 23:50:02
An economy that operates under a flexible exchange rate . The government budget and trade balance are balanced . Credit cards , a fairly recent innovation in the banking sector , allow consumers mak epurchases without cash. How will this innovation equilibrium GDP , consumption expenditure , budget balance and the exchange rate . What would the impact differ according to a fixed exchange rate .
How does domestic economy and international trade affect strength of the economy?0wade2012-08-04 07:56:50
Working on a final. I need to assess the economy in quest to purchase a home. How does domestic economy and international trade factor in?
Please help me with exchange rates?0hailee2012-07-26 01:51:02
The value of the Euro in terms of CAD in 2006 is1.6008, and the value of the Euro in terms of CAD in 2008 is 1.4938. Did the value of the CAD appreciate or depreciate against the Euro from 2006 to 2008 and why? Name me two factors that could explain why the demand for CAD increased causing the change in value of the CAD. How will the change in valueof the CAD affect imports from Europe and exports to Europe. And will this change in imports and exports result in a trade surplus or a trade deficit with Europe. Okay please help with these questions. I'm not really understanding this exchange rate thing. Please just help me with these questions, if you don't want to help me don't say anything.
How does trade-deficit impact exchange rates?0slevin2012-07-26 09:07:05
When a country imports more than it exports and has a trade deficit , how does this affect the exchange rate of that country? Assuming that the exchange rate is floating .
From where I can find knowledge of oil and exchange rates future trading?1mizmarie2012-08-25 07:19:19
Info about the futures and options trading espescially in oil and exchange rates viz euro dollar and also info about major commodity exchanges of the world.
How did the hundred years war affect the economy?0I NEED HELP NOW!!:)2012-10-07 08:28:41
So I'm doing a project and need to know how one hundred years war affected the economy knows you trade routes , markets , currency, the caste system , etc.
What affect does mass selling of stock have on the economy?0help pleaseeeeee2012-08-27 09:37:03
What effect does the mass sale of shares in the economy . With the collapse of stock markets recently, many people are selling their shares. How does this affect the economy in terms of aggregate spending . Specifically, consumption of consumer goods and services, investment , exports and imports ? Does the unemployment rate rose ? What about inflation , has gone down or up ? MedlinePlus I know that the buying and selling of shares traded , it is just an asset swap , so it does nothing to the economy . But I have curiosity about what happens when everyone starts to sell their stocks . No need to sell shares to a buyer, so why did it collapse? MedlinePlus I'm taking micro and macro economics in college right now. But we have not really talked about the stock market . I'm interested if anyone wants to answer some of my questions .
Compare and contrast the similarities of China and the United States in terms of exchange rates, trade practic?0mich2012-07-30 17:44:56
Compare and contrast the similarities between China and the U.S. in terms of exchange rates , trade practices , and environmental factors . How does China have on the world economy?
What does is mean to have artificially weak currency and how does this affect China's economy?0kathy woodward2012-10-10 04:22:09
In an article in the New York Times , says : " The change [ in a more balanced and sustainable growth ] should also ease tensions with [ China ] main trading partners , many of whom have accused China of keeping its currency artificially weak to gain an unfair trade advantage . " What exactly is meant by keeping the currency artificially weak ? Also, what is the unfair trade advantage China gains from this and if there are other effects ? Thanks in advance

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