Eileen Chang's classic quotations

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Classical quotations Eileen Chang
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Sick woman willing to year of the classic quote is good, change the world in peace. We are all accustomed to lonely people. "Human nature" is the book more interesting, life without end. Memories are always sad. Unfortunately, the people happy is to make, and it is nice to think about it, or sad. Equal to the union of the most rewarding "to overcome difficulties," it's time lucky. Known for being like a mirror, reflecting our nature the most beautiful. When a person in love nature shows in the noblest quality. This is why romance novels always welcome - whether old and new are the same. Many of the women, because my heart is not happy, only to waste, is compensation. As a cold husband to spend money. There is no feeling that it is not disastrous. Life is dressed in beautiful dresses, full of lice. As a person, will be humbled to dust, and then flourish. Life is a sad sign of life and death ... ... works wide and sub-grace, hand, and Grow Old With You is a sad poems ... ... life and death and go, are large, we have at our disposal. Compared to the outside world, how small we are, how small! However, we have chosen to say, "I will always be with you, we leave everything to life." If the Lord's work as our own. Heard something, of course, irrelevant, and several curves in the heart Shui think of you. You're dead, my story is over, and die, its history has looked at. What you were young? No matter, more than two years old. After three years of age, years, but eight or ten is a matter between the fingers, and for young people, three to five years can be forever. I love you, not you care? Strange strange strange to billions of dollars less than your body go. Know that in this world there is always a person who is waiting for you, no matter what time, no matter where you are, anyway, you know, there is something so personal. Among the thousands of people, meet people who want to know. Through thousands of years, the time in the desert, before or arriving, they found only said quietly, "you are here?" A woman, if not the love of the opposite sex, do not get the respect of the same sex, a woman is so cheap. Utility The most powerful woman is a woman. A woman talking about life ... ... a woman is a man, read the man, man's guilt, forever and ever. The greatest happiness in life is to find their loved ones only love. 2008121622382749928.jpg (25.52 KB) :22009-downloads 8-4 thirty-one past three p.m.
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