How a teen can buy stocks??

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Asked at 2012-08-02 00:27:02
Ok im 17 years old and I understand how to read stocks, but now I really want to buy and trade stocks.Where I start from the im only 17 and about to go to school in the fall?
Answer1MelAnswered at 2012-08-11 15:29:38
For now you can open a joint account with a parent or guardian, but once you 're 18 you can open your own.
Answer2HApidaAnswered at 2012-09-01 03:09:02
you have to be over 18
Answer3UrsulaAnswered at 2012-09-23 10:05:02
the good thing is that you can read the stocks ... I think u should trie to convince their parents to buy some shares or .... I do not think at 17 u can buy or sell anything without supervision .. .. anyway good luck
Answer4ashelyAnswered at 2012-10-15 17:58:58
Ask your parents to open a UGMA in a discount broker . You own the money , but his parents left unchecked , so you will need to tell your parents what you want to buy stocks . Once you become 18, controls the assets .
Answer5MiquelaAnswered at 2012-11-05 06:33:28
you can't.
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