Im in nc. I traded a 98 lincoln nav for a 96 honda accord for better gas mileage.? related questions

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Im in nc. I traded a 98 lincoln nav for a 96 honda accord for better gas mileage.?2abraham2012-10-10 08:47:03
On the way home I noticed odometer isnt working. I called and he said it was working. He did not check the box on the title that says "the mileage is not the actuall mileage" he did not check any boxes. So did it break after I bought it???? NO it did not. Proof?? I have the receipt he left in the glove box from when he had it inspected befor I bought it and the mileage is what is on the car now. What can I do?
What could I trade my 2008 Honda Accord for?2Matt 20002015-02-03 23:26:32
I have a Honda Accord 2008 with 117 , xxx miles on it (85 % highway, was a company car for a salesman ) and I would exchange it for a truck. It would be a daily driver , and I would pull a boat and use it for hunting. At first I was thinking of a Ford Ranger or S10 ZR2 , but looking at gas mileage I wonder if I could get a 2003-2006 F150 and do the same gas mileage while having more room and towing power . If I had to upgrade the exhaust pipe and an F150 program , could be getting 20 + mpg on the highway ? What is a good business that allows me to do what I have to do? 4x4 is a necessity.
Do I buy a base Acura TSX or a Honda Accord V6 EX-L?0Ingra2012-10-02 06:12:02
Although Acura is $ 1,000 over MSRP I have both agreements made ​​with the same monthly payment . Only with the agreement that would get a check back for $ 600 more for my trade ( $ 4,000 vs. $ 3,400 ) . The TSX is a happy well-tuned 4cyl off- the- line , where the agreement is overall more powerful V6 and smooth ride overall. I've been going back and forth with both cars for a week and I can not decide . I'm coming off a mazda 6 v6 if it makes any difference . I went through a spreadsheet and weighed the pros and cons of both and the list just freaking out . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus front seats are better in the tsx MedlinePlus rear seat is much roomier agreement MedlinePlus The TSX also has 60/40 split rear seats ( good) when the agreement is a full bank ( bad) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Engine / Power / walk is actually quite comparable , at least on flat road . tsx is a little peppier up to a hill , then you are happy to have the agreement . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus The TSX has manual options that the agreement no. although I 'm more of a fan of slapstick then paddle shifters . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus tsx factory has USB iPod Control which would pay $ 175 for an adapter with the agreement . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TSX has a nice display of fuel economy and range that the agreement is not so. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus exterior and interior of the TSX is better . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus agreement has rear seat ventilation . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus According uses regular gasoline instead of premium ( TSX is only a couple mpg better) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I like the wheels / tires better deal and MedlinePlus MedlinePlus TSX has seat position memory attached to keychains
Honda Accord CB3/CB7/CD4/CD5 auto parts, scrap pieces0mehdi 2012-07-12 13:06:02
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What's the best option for selling or trading in a 2003 Honda Accord?2osdrian2012-07-11 12:24:02
I have a 2003 Honda with 150K miles. I drive a lot, owe about 7K on it. What's the best solution if I would like a new car? I need a truck. Sell? Trade in? Keep?
Im thinking about trading my 2009 Honda Accord in for a GMC Denali. I know its an SUV but I need more room! ?0Jarin2012-07-25 09:13:02
I love my Honda, its a great car. Are Denali's good SUV's?
Trading my used 2004 Honda Accord to new 2009 Toyota Tacoma?1Janice - Please Help2012-09-20 00:30:03
How much money would I lose? What are the process of doing so? I bought my Honda for $20,000 and bought it used. My Honda has 62K Miles.
Older car with lower mileage vs newer car with higher mileage? At what mileage VW Passat becomes costly?1kashmira2012-10-11 01:12:02
I have no technical knowledge of cars. I want to buy a used VW Passat . I have a budget of
Ford Parts Ford Lincoln Ford Lincoln Lincoln auto parts scrap pieces1Glen2012-03-13 23:55:18
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Honda Motors (HMC), is it a foreign stock if its traded on the NYSE???1GirlSense2012-08-28 06:36:14
Honda Motors ( HMC ) is an external action if it is listed on the NYSE ? ?
On which market are shares in the motorcycle manufacturers Honda, Yamaha and Suzuki traded?1Liz Marie Santana2012-09-16 00:54:04
What are the market shares of the motorcycle manufacturers Honda , Yamaha and Suzuki traded ?
Trading hours for the Port Lincoln Pet centre?4manny2017-09-21 01:16:51
I would just like to know their trading hours, thankyou :)

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