Is options Trading better than Futures Trading? As in options the risk is predefined.? related questions

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Is options Trading better than Futures Trading? As in options the risk is predefined.?0teesha2012-08-01 15:21:54
What does trading in future and options means .What does expiry date means in futures and options.Give an e.g?0Teria2012-08-22 08:03:02
What makes trading futures and options means. What is the date of expiry of futures and options.Give an example?
What is downside risk in options trading?0Linda2012-09-30 14:35:02
What is the downside risk in options trading ?
What happens and is the risk in trading (buying and selling) CALL OPTIONS?0drwls2012-09-14 00:11:04
I've been reading around and I'ts very confusing . Some people say that once you become a seller of an option ( option) to become a writer and the risk that the writer is the buyer can exercise the option ( can be unlimited ) . I say this because if I bought a call option is out of money , going well above the exercise price and then sell it for a hefty profit , but there is time remaining on the contract , what if someone holds the contract i sold , do I have to provide the shares ? Ex 's October and the price is 48, bought November 50 calls , a few weeks before maturity , sell the call option as the price is 56 , but near expiry stock price goes even higher, 60 +. What if I have no money to buy the shares if exercised ? Can this happen or not ?
Options trading vs. Stock trading - which provides least risk?0Deqa2012-10-20 22:07:52
What is the procedure for options and stock trading via e- commerce or other day trading software . How much money is required to open an account . Is this dangerous? How does it compare with futures trading . Thank you for your help.
What is "IML" in futures options trading?1ilker2012-09-12 10:16:02
A broker says that my IML has been reduced; what is IML?
Can somebody let me know about futures and options trading?0Stephan2012-10-02 05:37:02
I'm tracking the market share for quite some time (3 years actually) , but just concentrate on the cash segment . Can you let me know about futures and options. I do not want to know the advantages or disadvantages , but what does it mean and how to do ( preferably in ) . If you have any study material on it , please send an email to [email protected]
Which is/are the best book(s) on Trading (especially Options, Forex, CFD's and Futures)?0eram2012-08-30 12:59:09
What is / are the best book ( s ) on trade (especially options , Forex , CFD and Futures ) ?
Trading stocks,futures, and options for a living?0Aliah2012-08-13 06:51:02
Well I'm in high school and love to trade. I'm not a good student , so I know im not going to be a doctor, lawyer and stuff. I am a junior and have been investing / trading stocks futures and options for over 3 years with great results. I do not believe their luck because I use a strategy and a good guy i created from all the strategies of other experts and fair experience . I am a discretionary trader . So I decided I want to do this in itself used to be home living. My questions are how many other people make a career doing this? They are successful ( wealthy )? My guide and I talked about it and she agreed , even a lot of traders leave the HS or college and make millions ! I have read lots of books and I know my strategy works in bull and bear market years before last year I earned money, and even this reading after taking a 20 % stretch I returned with my high for the year! I can control my emotions , which is important in this business from what I hear . I have an instinct I can feel when you are moving populations , and even if I'm wrong, I cut my losses ! I can use stop limit orders , trailing stops and limit orders to execute my trades . So this is a smart move ? to pursue a life dream of trading ? ? I just want a nice house nice cars NJ cloths , etc and a lot of traveling around the world.
What do you mean by the term futures &options in share trading?0Mathieu2012-10-26 10:46:36
What do you mean by the long-term future and options trading stocks ?
How do I get started trading equity options and futures?1tanesha2012-07-15 22:41:06
I have a quant background in hedging, so I'm not asking for guidance on how to learn modeling or developing strategies for trading options. I have work experience doing option valuation and developing dynamic replication strategies, but I have never done the trading. I want to start relatively small - I'm comfortable putting about $20K at risk. I would be looking to hedge options against options while trying to limit the amount of dynamic hedging. I expect that I'll need set up some margin in addition to any net option premium. Is $20K reasonable? Are there brokers specializing in options? Does anyone recommend CME, CBOE or other tools? (I know that some exchanges offer tools for subscription.) Thanks!
Trading stocks, options , futures on offshore?0alec2012-08-10 12:38:40
1.What is meant , some online brokerage account that says I can trade stocks , options and futures on the sea? What is that? Please explain me clearly and in detail explain way.Please dont word. What are the advantages and disadvnatages ? 2.Guys also please give me suggestions if you know any online brokerage that allows the trading of shares and derivatives not only in America but worldwide exchnages (Australia, Japan , China and Europe , please ..... let me know .. Thanks yo.u

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