Who would want trade! (pokemon black / white)?

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Alive Again!
Asked at 2012-08-01 14:39:02
now i got a tornadus and thunderus and a landorus if u want u can have my lv 100s resiram or zekrom sense i got 4 of them i only give out my 2 normal ones also u may have 2 kyreems as well or if now have a zorua i have lots of them so just ask wat i want in return is a celebi or shaymin sky forme if possible or a jirachi if u are really lucky give me entei and suicune so i can give u my shiny kyogre and a shiny resiram or zekrom your choices and also if possible the 3 legendary birds one of them wll do as well i be in the union room if u are able to be there i trade with u just go to the pokemon center and go up to the girl on the left i be in there if u can reach me then tell me through here wat u have and i gladly gift u it

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