DOes anyone want to STRIKE, and demand a trade for Lebron James? related questions

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DOes anyone want to STRIKE, and demand a trade for Lebron James?3Matty F.2012-09-11 04:37:03
He is my fav player, but i hate the CAVS i hate Clebeland and i dont want him to waste his talent and future on the cavs, they will ruin his life agree or no?
NBA: Kobe Bryant for Lebron James trade?0PJ!!2012-09-26 01:48:04
Anyone else hear the sound of today ? Apparently Kobe demanding a trade to the heat ... agreement only logical that you could see down to Kobe Lebron is . Who would win if this happened ?
How good is Lebron James?6prasanna2012-10-21 16:27:02
a) the future looks bright and will take the Cavs to an NBA championship b) he had a good run but it will not be able to overcome what he did this year c ) He will be remembered as one of the best in history but not a Jordan d ) which is the "chosen " the boy has talent and has what it takes to be the best e) It will end up becoming a transfer request as Kobe in a few years some
Might Lebron James have actually been better off in the future as a Knick?2confused! :(2012-11-04 05:33:01
I think Bron could have been in a better place in New York with a good guard and dominant big man ( Stoudemire is more explosive , stronger, better rebounder and shot blocker Bosh ). I think if the Knicks were smart to have tried to send the pair also Gallanari and other parts of the Bobcats to bring Tyson Chandler to join the Knicks as a reliable center if Bron , Melo , and Felton all signed as free agents. His training would have been PG- Felton (Melo , trade would not happen) SG- Landry Fields SF- Lebron James PF- Amare Stoudemire C -Tyson Chandler Bank PG -Douglas SG- Azubuke SF -Wilson Chandler Anthony Randolph PF- C- Turiaf
My teammate once again choked, LeBron James?3Obma2012-09-24 04:16:02
Why am I alone in the 4th all the time. Trade LeChoke for DWIGHT HOWARD!
Will Lebron James be more successful as Kobe or Jordan in the future?1French2012-11-03 22:49:02
I see him winning MVPs 4-5 ( including who will receive this year ) if he plays another 10 to 12 years in the league . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I think we can win 4 or 5 rings if the Cavs are able to acquire a dominant position under threat after scoring through trade or free agency ( Amare Stoudemire or Dwight Howard ) . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I do not think it's possible to win 6 rings in 8 years and have a 3- peat as Michael Jordan , because I think this time is much more competitive than in the days of jordan . Most of the top teams have 2 or 3 superstars like celtics big 3 , with Gasol and Kobe Lakers , Stojakovic Hornets with Paul , and west , but I see 4 or 5 win MVPs and rings 4 or 5.
Defective Trading Card: Lebron James Kevin Garnett Jersey Card?0Kerryann2012-07-19 13:56:02
I happen to have been fortunate enough to get one of these from those small 10pack boxes they sell at the Target stores a few years ago. It was an amazing find, even more so now that L. James got himself an NBA championship. So my concern is where is the value in this type of card? The fabric of the Jersey or the card as a whole? When I first got this card I noticed a defect on one of the corners. I did not damage it myself and anyone can clearly see that it is a production and quality issue when looking up close at the card. Should I send it back to Upper Deck to see if I can get a replacement or do I just keep it as it is? The card is from this series:
Will OKC trade James Harden?3Vianna2012-10-19 04:34:01
He was 6th man of the year but that's the reg season and nobody cares how well you do in the reg season if you can't win a ring. And it was all on James Harden that OKC lost 3 in a row after they were up 1-0. I'm not even talking about game 5 there was nothing they could do about that Mike Miller just went crazy from the arc but the three games that they lost prior to that, Harden didn't even play at all I think they should look to trade him they could get a lot of value out of him.
Trade Antonio Gates for Edgerin James?0JMom2012-08-08 11:08:02
A friend of mine is offering a commercial for James Edgerin for my Antonio Gates. I have Dallas Clark on the bench. For now , my departure was RB Adrian Peterson , Felix Jones , Willie Parker, and Correll Buckhalter . So far , Peterson has produced good fantasy points except Monday against the Saints. Willie Parker is no longer injured , but their bye week ahead. Felix Jones has been an incredible flexibility option . Buckhalter .. Well, I heard Westbrook has fractured ribs, so maybe going to start ? I want your opinion, if the gates of Santiago is a good deal? Or should I propose a trade with Dallas Clark Santiago ?
Can someone trade me Counter Strike on Steam?1Lerma2012-08-20 06:13:03
Anybody can trade me on Steam Counter Strike ? I will be very grateful .. add me on steam: el_sharawy
Counter strike account for trade?0mj2012-09-24 05:58:02
if theres any CS or shooting game fans here I have a counter strike ACCT for trade .... What do you have ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been playing for a while .. time to move on . ban on VAC servers but not any steam or not is yours secure servers to kill your hearts desire .
I need a counter strike go beta key willing to trade or just give it to me?0help fast please!!!2012-07-22 14:05:01
shoot me a pm if intrested or just post the beta key in the answers , thanks

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