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Merchants coin coffee machine1Horace2012-01-27 04:23:16
Union tide tea coffee machine automatic coin machine drinks machine to enter the market early popularity. Universities, high schools and various training schools, libraries, shopping malls, high-end office and train station, bus terminal, port, cafes, gyms, restaurants and other entertainment, wedding photo studio , office work, canteen unit, selling books, and many other places are suitable for setting up the coffee machine. In 2008, the school dedicated the company's new coffee tea slot machine, the machine is characterized by hot and cold drinks are free to choose, and efficient heating system, even if the sale of 50 or more cups continuing need not wait for heating (Note: The school sells coffee, tea juice is characterized by groups of students to buy, whether it is the common business model is the delay). with the company for students of coffee, tea, fruit juices, chocolate and other hot and cold, so you get a satisfactory return on investment! (Earth, city and county high schools, you can sell at least 200 to 400 cups per day in the recovery fund of 1-2 months!) At least 50 cities across more than 2,000 schools, large perspectives. Special coin-operated Internet cafes coffee machine: model so small and pretty, the color is black, in the offices of the bar are coordinated, cost-effective, with the total material the company developed a high quality operation of coffee cost recovery fast! (2 million February 1 glass of recoverable investment, China has 135,000 Internet cafes in the scale of a license) the analysis of benefits: the experience of operating in ours: if you sell a dollar per cup (a cup of real cost less than 0.5 million) compared with the average difference sell 80 cups a day, your net monthly income is 80 * 0.5 * 30 = 1,200 yuan usually sell 120 cups per day, your net monthly income is 120 * 0.5 * 30 = 1,800 yuan a good day to sell 200 glasses, his net monthly income is 200 * 0.5 * 30 = 3,000 yuan. If you sell each cup of binaries, and to provide field sites in which fifty cents a share, you can earn a dollar for every cup of net profit, according to information provided to our distributors: To compare the difference between the average 50 cups a day to sell, your net monthly income is 50 * 1 * 30 = 1,500 yuan usually sell 80 cups a day on average monthly net income is 80 * 1 * 30 = 2,400 yuan a better situation to sell 200 cups a day on average monthly net income of 200 * 1 * 30 = 6,000 yuan (special place, very good) is not income for this income harder to open my own business! First come first! The opportunities are limited direct line: 021 -31269934 Website:
High-pressure steam and drip coffee machine coffee machine difference1ferret2012-05-21 18:44:39
First ask the operating principle of two coffee machines What are the differences? The key to making the coffee two coffee machines making any difference (this is an objective sense )? What is the difference in taste (this is the subjective sense )? There are two types of coffee machines can do the kind of coffee? Questions added : And if I want mocha or cappuccino with milk sugar , in addition to the back of the class in different ways (not tell me) I want to know in selecting coffee beans , no special needs?
Is there a coin company that is publicly traded as stock? Is there a public coin company that issues shares?0Social Science2012-10-21 15:22:01
If there is a company that sells coins and actions , what is the ticker ID ?
Where can I find a list of Gourmet Coffee Importers in the US or trading companies that import gourmet coffee?0Kathrin2012-07-30 13:39:02
I would like to find a list or directory of companies that buy Gourmet Coffee in the United States.
Ask how close the merchants A Pig0Nic2012-07-11 15:41:02
Near my house did not sell many large farms, ask how close the pig.
Shanghai Merchants letter Hengju1Aum2012-06-10 15:37:59
Letter from Shanghai the steady accumulation of sand traders of a world , a heaven in a wild flower , carefully grasp the infinite, the eternal moment of cohesion ! Persistent , eternal, uniting the power of advertising ! Designed to extend the depth of the market value 2.gif (0 Bytes) downloads: 02 007 -5 to 11 17:52
May I ask how to Shenzhen, China Merchants Bank? ? ?1Jac2012-05-22 22:30:05
I am a fresh graduate , ready to apply the Mercantile Bank . He said the bank deposit and loan to shoot, not too much pressure? ?
Never had a coin they never had a 02021-12-15 04:58:07
Never had a coin they never had a birthday present and they came into our family and we walk down the street on this island and beggars would ask TriResult KetoTriResult Keto TriResult Keto TriResult Keto  for money and I'd always give money in fact we have a policy in our family you always give the big bill and we got to the point where my kid sees us doing that and now he'll say hey. 
Colonial merchants of the early eighteenth century?0Mariena2012-09-01 00:11:02
) luxury and manufactured goods exported to Europe , Africa and the West Indies . b ) the tasks involved in transport and distribution services only. c ) usually import more goods that Americans wanted or could use . MedlinePlus d ) American integrated producers and consumers in the trading system of the Atlantic basin .
Who can tell me the old U.S. coin values?1whale2012-01-06 17:29:22
Who can tell me the age of the U.S. stock of the coin?
Why Alibaba online merchants have refused to pay a lot of transaction, is a liar?2Lesley2016-06-01 22:59:30
Why Alibaba online merchants have refused to pay a large amount of the transaction , is a liar ?
How do I find food merchants and distibutors from South Africa?2hog2012-02-20 06:02:19
I would like a list of all the different food retailers and food distributors in Southern Africa. I need the names of the businesses, addresses and phone numbers.

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