How would you start a company in exporting/importing? related questions

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How would you start a company in exporting/importing?0Nathan2012-08-01 05:50:02
I've been thinking about starting a small company exporting and important independent fashion to the international market. What would be the processes in this start-up, would be great to hear about anyone who is experience in this trade! Thanks.
I need help with this.. has to do with importing and exporting.?0De\'Ja2012-11-03 05:43:29
Canada Builds and Exports only smaller ( up too one hundred passenger aircraft) Much of canadas export trade involves our natural resources. High technology products especially for consumers) are produced in only a few countries.
Importing and Exporting Goods?0lisa gomez2012-07-25 21:49:02
Are there any books where you can read about trade between Russia and other countries (especially Central and South America)?
What is the net effect of importing and exporting of goods and services through international trade?0help me plz2012-09-15 06:14:03
a) Only merchandise exports consequently the gains from trade . MedlinePlus b ) the importation of goods only lead to gains from trade. MedlinePlus c ) usually only one of the trading nations gain from trade, more highly developed . MedlinePlus d ) The two nations engaged in trade net benefits of trade both in exports and imports.
Can America continue to support mexico with illegal's exporting money,importing drugs and crime and useing us?2Elaina2012-08-30 14:50:05
If your American born, been in the same neighborhood all your life and watched it turn into little or big mexico you wouldn't ask this question! Move to Houston and you might as well move to mexico. Better speak spanish , because mexicans have a large support base and don't want to buy,spend or trade with anyone that speaks English.or that is non-mexican!Don't wave a mexican flag for their broke *** country,because they want to rune ours. Secure the borders and deport law breakers, Asap.OUR SOVEREIGNTY DEPENDS ON IT! Crime,drugs & gang punks not included, those come extra at a large cost! Last year 20 billion American dollars was sent to mexico,that helps Mexico's corrupt goverment,drug dealers and coyote smugglers destroy our country and change our land scape. not counting the social burden on American tax payers,for drug enforcement, welfare, medical emergengy care, bilingual forms and teachers.If mexicans really want to be Americans,support or immagration laws& learn english?
Where i can find out the reviews of company exporting from China?0kamla2012-09-01 10:07:02
I want to import some items for trade in China . Companies I have gathered , how do I know that this is real business .
i want to start importing from nigeria to america0Pola2012-07-22 01:11:02
i want to start importing from nigeria to america
i want to start importing from nigeria to america1crutch 2012-03-12 01:19:47
What product they need in the United States that can be imported from Nigeria?
How do I find korean product importing company in cambodia from Cambodia?1Azarias2012-04-03 03:16:56
how to find wholesale products to Korea in Cambodia
Have Guangxi army to start industrial limited company excuse me this company?1NEG 2012-06-22 06:45:40
Add is the president of this company ? Being a great need ! ! Report according to the facts , please. Thank you ! (blame sincere not faze )
HongKong HDD Exporting Co.,Ltd3Marvi2012-04-05 19:32:39
I need to know if anyone has done business with Hong Kong HDD Export Co. , Ltd. They set prices that are too good to be true ($ 60 per $ 450 of hard drive). Are they scammers ? PayPal will not only want TT or Western Union. Please help !
What Is The Best Company To Start My IRA With?0ABC123DoReMi2012-10-13 19:22:32
My wife and I are going to put money into a Roth IRA . We are not putting in large quantities at the moment, and we are paying the debt first . But we are still getting to take advantage of compound interest. Thanks in advance for all the answers , but I'm not looking for answers about personal finance . I wonder which company would suggest. This is for Roth IRA . we're not overspending at the moment, only the little money we can add in each month. I used to be with Scottstrade and loved . Well, I think when I say love , I mean I was very familiar with your trading platform . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus So, in your opinion, when the company would more confident with your IRA . The customer service, cost and fees, and the ease of use and clarity , are the factors that I'm looking for. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I'd like to open a Roth IRA and a standard trading account without limit , because I have the intention to be adding more money to trade stocks and other investments in the future. I'd like to find a company that is worth building a relationship with . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Thanks again Money Masters .

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