Rice University vs. University of Texas at Austin for undergrad? (students, alumni, or parents please!)? related questions

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Rice University vs. University of Texas at Austin for undergrad? (students, alumni, or parents please!)?0Carlyle2012-08-01 02:59:02
I am currently a junior in high school and in the top 1.8% of my class (8 out of 585) and my average is around 4.35. I know it's early to watch, but UT and rice are the two schools I am considering. I am a Longhorn and I bleed orange, and not just have a good honors program for biology, but is associated with the MD Anderson Cancer Center, where I would like to work if they were selected. Although education is first, I have many friends at UT, both parents and lots of cousins ​​was, and I am a triple legacy of a great brotherhood. I also love Austin. I'm on the rig in my school and I love the tradition of Texas, football, fraternities, field trips and excursions to the beach with friends. For housing, I love to go to Hardin House or DRS. There are plenty of attractive guys too (not the case with Rice, I hear) ;). I'm not a big partier and not drink at all, I am willing to work hard and stay up late. With a heavy dance program I'm used to it! I do not cheat on anything or you can be added (a lot of kids know how to do honors, which is annoying when a higher rank than hard workers). Rice is an hour away from home and offers an incredible education, in addition to a program of premedication with Baylor medical school, where I would go if they were admitted. Houston is a city too big, and my mother was able to complete their postgraduate courses. She went to UT for biology and AP Biology help me, who reads scientific journals every day for fun he would love to go there for the biology department strong and really want me to go, too. I do not like the lack of Greek life, sports team of mediocre (and guys .. just be honest! I care more about personality, though) and less than fierce mascot. It's cute, but because it reflects the intelligence and no style housing Hogwarts, and Quidditch, which is cool.However, I'm undecided, because incomes are different and I hear the classes are expensive. What I mean is, the rank and GPA are important, but they like, if you specialize in something. I'm in a group dance / exercise and auditions for the company of my study, so maybe that tell me? I visited the campus of the UT and Rice's visit later this week. Oh, and I heard during the week of owl that some hosts put the prospects of parties and drinking, which is a departure for someone who does not prefer that side. I want to have fun, so IOVE Austin and its many music festivals and peculiarities. So basically I have a trade off to have fun and really enjoy a good education, or having less fun and receive an amazing education. I know you both have great opportunities, but I just want an idea of ​​how nice it is and how well they felt they were taught. I might add, I hear Rice professors are much more care of their students and how they learn, but I have this from UT? Thank you very much in advance!
Dedicated to students just admitted to the University1ramin_1637 2012-03-03 22:20:17
Dedicated to students newly admitted to the University
Experimental School of Beijing University students to prepare quarters for the lamp it?1Domain Name ン 2012-01-15 19:35:36
Experimental School students from Beijing University to prepare rooms for the lamp ?
Hainan female students accused the so-called traffic police which the University of Chen Rui? Violation problem1Ada2012-02-14 02:04:01
Hainan women students accused the traffic police called to the University of Chen Rui ? violation problem
University Campus (Changshu Institute of Technology) college students are not allowed to have a car, the implementation of ban cars that, in violation of law?0fallen2012-07-11 07:19:02
Now the university is cheap ? Work hard to find , low wages , not to ride the bike , social, ah , to seek legal help ! ! ! !
What are valuable finance classes from employers' point of view? (for undergrad students).?0Mizzy Kay2012-09-11 23:48:03
finance classes that are valuable from the point of view of employers ? ( for undergraduate students ) ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus International financial management , futures trading , financial institutions , investment , finance, advanced business , where corporate finance, options , managmement portfolio , or other ? Any suggestions will be appreciated . Thank you.
Is university right for me? if so which course?0jacque2012-08-22 06:09:02
I am currently taking business , mathematics and economics . I am very interested in business, currency trading , marketing, accounting and banking. MedlinePlus I am willing to work hard to get a good salary . MedlinePlus Does anyone have any ideas to help me decide ? MedlinePlus What should I do to go directly to a job , take a course of anythink more spesific ? MedlinePlus Desperatly need help !
Should I go to a university?0Edrea2012-07-20 16:27:02
Ok so I'm 17 years old my average GPA is like 1.9 or 2.0 (I know its horrible) its not that i don't try in school i really do and I want to succeed but i just always manage to get horrible grades i also go to a very hard school but i know that's no excuse. Well anyways my dad always says college wasnt for him and so he went to a trade and its the smarter decision because him and his friends who went to a trade are extremely successful but my mom and rest of family say its crucial that i go so idk any opinions?
University is not for me? What do i do?0naina2012-09-01 04:32:03
Freshman who has failed the first semester. I've never really been a bad student he had always been a 3.0 student in high school ... maybe because my school did not require much effort. But that's the point . I find it hard to get excited about going to class every day and really studying . MedlinePlus I really have no other option and pick up a trade or transport (dad and brother - in-law are the truckers ) . Is this the way to go with my choices ? .... Think this would lead to some what brighter future ? ..... Or am I just being lazy and easily abandoned ?
University that Important?0steph2012-11-01 22:01:32
I am now at the stage of finishing my final school exams and off to uni, but see no point of going and giving my parents a new set of loans to worry about. I am going to uni to study business administration. I have been studying a similar course in school called IB Higer Level Business and Management. After learning it for four years, it seems pointless to me to go to uni and deepen my knowledge on the topics that i can already briefly understand. My dad owns a successful small business that I will be coming back after uni and managing. With no jobs in my future. It makes even less sense for me to go to uni. The only reason my parents want me to go is if I might something new that will help out in the family business (precious stone trade). Could someone help me understand why I should go. Would it be worthwhile in terms of cost effectiveness (not "time of your life" stuff like that. Cannot think about that in this economy.). Has anyone taken business admin before and tell me how it has helped them. I am really trying to convince myself to go as I know it will be a fun learning experience but I need you help figuring out why. Thanks in advance, Kavi
Transferring to a university?0tamrat2012-09-14 21:22:05
I go to a community college in Pennsylvania . I double degree in finance / international business . Im learning Russian and French . No extracurricular activities the CC cuz im really not interested in also works part time at burgerking to trade stocks that is what I want my career to be . In Chicago or Newyork so I want to transfer to a top 50 business school in Chicago or New York . Like or depaul syracuse be my main options . Im maintain a 3.6 GPA .. ? I can go ? ive contacted incomes who say yes to your welcome to apply and all that shit , but really what are my chances ? DC busienss top 50 school ? ill be the transfer and there will join ajunior commercial / investmentbanking / finance clubs and try to do an internship , but I'm not really sure of my options I can make my dream come true?
Mao was not a university graduate?1gopher2012-03-22 07:12:41
What college? Hunan Normal University , look for?

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