What account should someone who want to invest billions in foreign currencies should use? related questions

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What account should someone who want to invest billions in foreign currencies should use?1Jaer2012-09-08 03:40:03
What kind of account would be good for someone to invest billions in forex? I mean trading account, but where, and what kind, can he do it online?
Foreign currencies?0manal2012-09-16 14:46:03
Is there a way to negotiate or enter into foreign currencies (such as the Mexican peso ) without raising margin ?
How to Trade Foreign Currencies?0CP2012-08-03 02:25:02
Where do I sign up for an account? Can you use your stock trading account to buy that or no? Personal experience appreciated.
Has anyone here truly been successful trading foreign currencies. If so, how are you doing it?1collien2012-07-12 04:18:02
With the stock markets in the dumps it seems there are several opportunities to get into trading foreign currencies. Has anyone on here truly had success trading these and where did you learn how to do it. It seems quite risky and since it is leveraged the downside is high. Thanks.
Does anyone on here trade currencies on the Foreign Exchange?0ahmede2012-08-04 07:20:02
I am interested in trying this. Can you recommend a good training program and/or software? Do you need a lot of money up front to begin?
Currency traders, what is the best an least expensive way to buy and sell foreign currencies?0Peezy2012-08-23 11:15:02
I would try to trade forex . Should I contact , say , a bank in England to buy Pounds directly , or should I use a broker such as Ameritrade or Scott ?
Lets say I have $5 million dollars to spend on foreign exchange, which 4 currencies should I buy out of these:0kaisen2012-10-09 06:23:50
My goal is to play the role of a currency trader and trade different curtrencies to increase the value of the currency actually am holding . MedlinePlus I have $ 5 million to spend in the following currencies : ( I want to use atleast 4 of them) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Euro MedlinePlus Pound Sterling MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Yen MedlinePlus Australian Dollar MedlinePlus Hong Kong Dollar Franco ( Switzerland ) MedlinePlus Weight ( Mexico ) MedlinePlus Lire ( Turkey ) MedlinePlus Krone ( Norway ) MedlinePlus Ruble (Russia ) MedlinePlus Rupee (India ) MedlinePlus Baht ( Thailand ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I want to make as much money as possible . What coins should I buy and why ? And when converted to dollars , how much profit will I make of that currency at present . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Use forex rates today March 5 ) in this site if necessary: ​​MedlinePlus MedlinePlus http://www.xe.com/ucc
Please help me understand Forex trading. How do you trade 2 different foreign currencies if you start with USD?1Annia2012-10-05 16:23:02
Hello , It is necessary to understand more about Forex trading . Unfortunately , I'm a bit silly , so if you answer , please , that is understandable for someone with a low IQ . Ok , I understand that if you start with the dollar , and invest in, say Swiss francs. USD gets stronger , then change it again - to make money , right ? I do not understand is how you can negotiate for couples who do not even contain USD. As CAD / JPY. So my trading account has a balance in dollars. Does this mean that the purchase of CAD , then buy JPY to CAD? Just do not understand . I probably should not have left the school. :) Thank you very much .
Can you really make good money trading foreign currencies and how do you get started on the right track?1kaet2012-10-23 22:34:02
Can you really make money very well and there are people who are honest and efficient to help you get started and guide you in making it a successful business ?
Do I need 2 brokerage account if I need an account to invest for a living and also an ira account?0jenna williams2012-09-01 12:00:03
I'm new to investing and want to open a Roth IRA to save for retirement in the future. I also want to make a living as an investor . Since you can not touch the money in the Roth IRA does this mean I have to open two different brokerage account ? One for the Roth IRA to invest only for the Roth IRA and an individual account for stock trading and others to make a good life ? If not could you tell me more , please . Thank you.
Is it legal to trade in foreign currencies. Can I trade with forex.com and other trading sites?0Kaveri2012-08-14 23:50:04
Is it legal to trade in foreign currencies. ¿ I can negotiate with forex.com and other commerce sites ?
I want to invest in foreign for currency trading. i want to transfer my money to a broker over there.?2Bev'sMom2012-07-21 01:50:02
can i invest so that i can trade in foreign currency trading... is it allowed in India??

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