Is how i think and act different from most teenagers?

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to start, I'm not lazy like everyone. I'm quiet and keep to myself because I realize my future only depends on my grades and scores in high school not that I was the most popular kid. I am pretty popular because of how I look. I'm different in a way that I'm smart and know right from wrong. I would never trade future I desire for something I want in the moment. Also, I realize things about the structure of rules and how people act with power. Its something i like to challenge so others see how ridiculous it is and change it. I have a strong desire to be the change I wish to see in the world. I enjoy politics and the stock market because of my dads job I like to understand whats going on. And I really enjoy helping people too. In school i do get rules changed I make teachers realize what they're doing isn't really necessary. Although there is that occasional adult that says their right because they are older, end of story. That is another one of my problems.. I may be right they just don't want to admit it when I'm wrong I will admit it and at I last try to understand their reasoning but they don't care. finally I'm very meticulous and notice the littlest things like if something out of place or dirty ill clean my house better than my parents do my room is spotless. ohh yeah, I'm a 15 year old guy if it matters. anyways, what do you think?
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Hi Andrew,
I have 13 years and I think I have a personality similar to yours , I think they are different, but in a good way of seeking popularity in life is fine, but do not really get anywhere . I think it's a good thing to be a " road " , but because of what the bond is very important, especially if you want to make changes in society. If children like you and me there were no politics, democracy and corrupt leadership , but have a quiet way of life is not good, get out there and shout aloud his name
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