CONCORD IMPEX.,LTD Is fraud company, why alibaba also published related questions

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CONCORD IMPEX.,LTD Is fraud company, why alibaba also published13Ophelia2018-05-04 22:30:37
Alibaba fraud.why this is also published.Why Why? Why? I had complaints from the company in Alibaba, Alibaba Why also published
Horrible experience about a scam and fraud company on Alibaba: Chongqing SYX Fashion Co., Ltd.4Tsjoeptsjoep 2012-03-31 21:33:17
Why Alibaba still allow professional scam this company : Chongqing SYX Fashion Co. , Ltd to cheat and defraud money from global customers ? At least stop this company from the list and protect foreign customers losing their money.
Has anyone dealt with Bashir Impex? If a company only wants western union or moneygram is it a scam?1BraveBeast - Xoide ( 2012-08-13 19:08:02
Has anyone dealt with Bashir Impex ? If a company only wants Western Union or MoneyGram is a scam ?
Why so much fraud on Alibaba?4Bow to kiss your 2012-02-14 23:03:18
There are so many posts , articles etc. about scams , fraudulent companies , etc. that prohibited companies wonder why people do business achieved real honest Alibaba. Alibaba is 40% owned by Yahoo ? If I were them, I 'd like to go now before the lawsuits start. This is a disaster waiting to happen.
China New Bond CO <--Fraud : how alibaba can help?3robin2012-07-13 08:52:02
I bought some samples bluetooth " Bond CO New China ." and sends me all the different products that have not asked . not respond to my email and not answer the phone. here is his information. China , New Bond CO www.china - . Tel :86-0755-3313 5905 MSN: [email protected]
I purchased from a company and transferred 6,000 dollars and they have given me a shipping company that has fraud messages on the internet. What should I do if anything?3Thank You For The Help2012-10-25 07:38:03
We found a company on and we purchsed product from that company. We later wired 20% of the invoice and the company provided us with a shipping company that is on the internet for fraud, what if anything can we do?
Hello You can say to me if this company is not a fraud1Alfre2012-01-31 22:42:22
Hi You can tell me if this company is a fraud This is the data that gave me the contact information contact : Ms. Jane I VinTelecom Technology Co., LTD Vision Communication Technology Co., LTD Tel: 86-755 -29529498 Fax: +86-755-29529496 Mobile: +86-15899876963 E -mail : MSN [email protected] YOU GO : [email protected] website: http://vintelecom.en . / Address: Building 45 Dunbei , Dalang South Road, Longhua street , Baoan , Shenzhen , China
is this company real or fraud3Alice2020-07-19 12:07:03
I would like to know if anyone can give me any information on this Company: Greatzeco Fishingreels Shop Country/Region: Singapore Address: SG singapore 6 Cuscaden Road TEL: 65 78879887 FAX: Message Origin: Indonesia Message IP: 182.3.45.* I found them on Alibaba and I want to buy from them. Please help Thank you Anthony
teng saddlery co. ltd is a fraud company0nettie <32012-07-09 13:27:02
We are currently placing an order with Teng Saddlery Co. for hand tooled leather products. This will be the first time purchasing in China they are asking for 30% down and 70% before shipping by band wire transfer. They stated that they are not set up for a secured site to use pay pal or credit cards. Do we need to use a Escrow and how do you set one up? Is there anyway we can check out the company further through government agencies?
If this company D & T Group International is fraud ?3Bin2012-09-19 23:39:02
D&T Group International AVE. RICARDO J. ALFARO, SUN TOWERS # 37 PANAMA CITY PTY 296, PO Box 0830 - 2745, WTC Panama City, Republic of Panama
This company was ban by Alibaba or not0i can ゝ2012-07-24 21:04:02
The seller of King Filling Machinery Co., LTD mailed to me and offered their products so I tried to see their profiles Alibaba, but I got nothing , so I know this company was to ban or not in Alibaba .
Prosperous of 9 rivers boast is industrial limited company fraud1cool guy 2012-05-04 23:00:25
The thing is such that little by little into the future, bad writing style is great excuse to ask every few days ago I received a phone call made to pass, says hello to feed, is the sweet factory Gold River Wei Zhen board, I'm saying is, he says, 9 rivers have prosperous industry limited company, the company produces the fluid that gives the protection of the environment of a species of green, now, what we call accept this liquid tungsten, is a kind of high-tech rice expert to accept fuel from liquid liquid Gao Nong contracts, widely used in steel-wood furniture, weapons, vehicle, bridge, shipping 222, matching oil is achieved, and so on. . . . . . . . . Tell that to my factory representative total area of ​​the river sweet after me, of what, say what's still pretty good, I say we do not know this product, still looking for another manufacturer, says have nothing to do with, see the sample and instructions to my express, saw land, is informal, I think, for example, calling, I think this misleads people again, not a few days left expected, unconscious, you need this military region inside thing, tell him to send the sample, see the quality, I say that I have the sample, which infuriates say that person impossible, I hung up the phone, not have time and allows them to talk foolishly, still a lot of things we do are between two to three days of having to call that a similar product, but not of 9 rivers, with Wuhan, Hangzhou, listen Changsha much anyway, I think now how these cheaters, the table of this type of method is old, but someone does not take care or still to be deceived, the problem that I find both me and the world are shared then everyone must be careful, do not want to wait to do things at a low price point will not be deceived, ideal for

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