Inexplicable crashes computer

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Inexplicable computer crashes, can not boot after the crash, you need to start over several times before they can boot, the boot also shows the BIOS is damaged, reinstall the system, with 360 anti-virus scan trojan, no problems have heroes who want to help.
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First, make the computer "crash" because: 1. Caused by improper BIOS settings, the "death" of each team has its own default or specific work environment, work can not go beyond its authority to set, otherwise not meet this requirement because the hardware and shock. For example: only support for DDR266 memory, but in the configuration settings of the BIOS to DDR333 to change specifications, it will not meet the hardware requirements and accident, even if the normal work in a short period of time electronic components will increase with the use of the aging time, resulting in quality problems that the computer will frequent "accidents". 2. Hardware or software conflict caused by the "death" of computer hardware conflict "death" is primarily set by the disruption caused by the conflict, when the event of a hardware conflict, but all the hardware just can coexist in the system, but while not working, for example, when accessing the internet can not listen to music and more. Over time, often interrupting the appearance of a conflict, the latter will cause the system to be overwhelmed, resulting in "shock". Similarly, the software also exists the situation. Due to different software companies have developed software that more and more, and the process of software development is not possible and completely familiar with each other, so that when you run the software, it is very easy to put all the simultaneously call the same DLL or a physical address conflict. At this point the computer system, they do not know what the priority application, causing the computer system disorder causes an "accident". 3. Quality and hardware failure caused by the "death" because the actual number of small brands of computer hardware products are often not qualified through test procedures on the market, of which there are many quality related hardware product, but the quality of the shadow Wanhao of computer equipment is very subtle, and ordinary people is not easy to see out. For hardware products, making the team often "crash" of the cause and have a direct relationship. In addition, some hardware failures are due to the resulting amount over the years. In general, the memory unit, CPU and drive and other components in more than three years of life is difficult to secure, and it also has a lot of hidden "death" problem. 4. The source computer system caused by the depletion of the "death" when the computer system to perform the wrong procedure or code, that the system of internal training of phenomena "dead" cycle, the system had very few resources be devoted endless repetition of these operations, when the operation would end by excessive depletion of resources caused by computers "crash". Another point is that, in the operating system of the computer to run a large number of procedures, so that the memory system caused by insufficient resources "crash". 5. The system files caused by the destruction of the "death" refers to the main system files to start or run-time computer systems playing a key supporting documents, if the lack of them, the entire computer system is not working properly course, "Death" is also inevitable. Because the file system is damaged for many reasons, the invasion of viruses and hacker programs is the main reason. In addition, the primary user due to an operation error, delete the system files can also cause these consequences 6. The heat inside the computer to make any "accident" because the internal electronics of the equipment is the main component of silicon (which is a working state is strongly influenced by temperature elements). Electronic components on the computer will work on increasing the temperature, the electron transfer phenomena occur on the surface, thus changing the current labor situation, making the computer at work soon "crash". 7. Main user operation error caused by the "death" of the primary users in the process some errors with the computer's operating system will cause an "accident". As hot-swappable hardware, vibration during operation of the equipment, arbitrarily delete files or install additional software basic hardware configuration standard and therefore may result in an "accident". 8. Other causes of the "death" as well as the author in the reasons described above, there are many strange reason the system can reach the "fall". As voltage fluctuation is too large, reduced ability to read the hard drive, floppy poor quality, the destruction of the virus or hacker programs and other reasons. In short, cause the computer to crash for many reasons. Some can be seen from the above, the computer "crash" is not the average user, good, but not inevitable, as long as the normal computer user, believe that "crash" the probability is minimized. Here, the author summarizes the computer crash some experience to tell. Second, the team of "crash" Prevention 1. Ensure proper BIOS settings. BIOS settings should be appropriate, will make unsecured Bios to crash when running Windows. 2. Regular checks of computer accessories exhibition. In the case of the contact card slump can cause system crashes, so the replacement of computer parts, be sure to make contact with the motherboard. 3. Periodically wipe the case. The excessive dust causes poor contact between the plates, causing failures in the operation system, so that the chassis to keep clean, do not leave too much dust accumulated on the chassis. 4. Observe carefully to remove the virus. The CD-ROM or diskettes from unknown sources, are not easy to use attachments in the message, check with your antivirus software before opening. 5. In the correct order of operations closed. The end of the software application is not properly before moving, do not disconnect the power, otherwise the result will be the system
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