Let's talk drug war (2)?

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Asked at 2012-07-31 10:16:02
I asked this yesterday,but am unsatisfied with the responses I got, I'm trying again today.

I am of the opinion that all drugs (not just Cannabis) should be legalized. I want to hear some reasons I am wrong. Below I'll give my reasoning:

I believe the government has no right to control what one does to themselves. The government is infringing on our natural rights to self- property and self-ownership by, telling us what we can and can't consume..
Jobs that would be created by legalizing drugs, would move the drug trade out of the hands of dangerous cartels and into the legal private sector. (this wouldn't destroy the cartels, as they have other sources of revenue, but it would do allot more than just legalizing marijuana, )

the quality of drugs would improve, there exists a drug, about twice as strong as cocaine, with half the danger, this drug is a research chemical,that is only made in a lab, and is pretty difficult to get. If drugs became legal tomorrow, market forces would force drug companies (of the currently illegal narcotics kind , not the pharmaceutical kind ) to create safer versions of their drugs. (think about the popularity of moonshine after alcohol prohibition.)
there are other factors but I'll leave it at this for now and respond to your responses.
Answer1ColeAnswered at 2012-09-05 13:33:03
I am a libertarian . MedlinePlus I am against blanket legalization . I believe that many drugs should be legalized and that everything should be decriminalized . However, certain actions ( like drunk drivers , for example) put others in danger . Certain drugs create a hostile attitude - think of the guy who just chew it serves face in Miami ( I was using bath salts ) and this creates an unsafe environment .
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