What procedures do i need to go in order to close down a sole trading business? related questions

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What procedures do i need to go in order to close down a sole trading business?0natori2012-07-31 08:22:55
please help
Can two sole traders trading under the same business name share a business bank account?0Heathe2012-07-14 10:17:02
Can two independent dealers operating under the same name business share a bank account?
Plz give me egs of sole trading business, non-business organisation, co-operatives society, joint stock co.?0Andie Weaver2012-09-01 17:41:02
public and pvt company ?
Can you register a business name and work as a sole trader, just so nobody owns your trading name?0~2012-07-24 21:22:03
Setting up a Business as a Sole Trader and need some advice.?0Ilovemath2012-08-23 04:58:03
In failed attempts to find a suitable job to go along with my increasing bad health ( chronic asthma have a maximum of three asthma attacks a day ) I decided to register with HM Revenue and individual entrepreneur and start my own business . I totally disagree with just sitting at home and claiming benefits , I'd rather find a way to work and earn my own money so I thought it could possibly work for me . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I register with HM Revenue online in September 2010 and was told to wait 4 weeks for this application to go through. Meanwhile I make an appointment with the bank and open a business account because under the policies and guidelines to become a sole trader who had a business account to trade. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I have not heard anything from HM Revenue and contacted the office and asked me to be patient and wait another 4 weeks , I heared anything yet and I thought maybe I just fell behind on sorting through applications. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus This week I received a letter through the door saying we owe tax for September , October, November , when I have not even started shopping yet because I have no confirmation of this, it was said that I owe money in arrears a previous bill. I have not received this bill before either. I'm not sure why this is so to this day I'm still waiting for confirmation to start trading and can not reach the helpline number , no queue you just say your busy and cut me forever. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Any help is appreciated Thanks .
I want to start a business as a sole trader, can I claim tax back on goods I purchase?1Miss2012-08-11 15:11:02
I want to start up a very small business as a sole trader, trading cosmetics etc at car boots/markets to fill in my spare time (I'm already self-employed).Can I claim back tax from the goods I purchase from my wholesalers? Thanks :)
What retail business license registration procedures?3Xenia2016-06-06 20:46:04
I would like to sign up for a store that sells building materials, may I ask what are the formalities and procedures ah ? To cost ? Need to register funds? Time of rental housing has an expiration date ? To take? Each month, the tax is not ah ? Adequate guidance , please!
How is the command shut with CMD the program shuts a webpage for instance or such-and-such [close not to drop] ! order process? ? ?1Doris2012-04-26 20:32:03
What is the CMD command ended with the program closes a Web page, for example, or such and such [ close not to drop ]! ordering process ? ? ?
Clothing store business skills of close customer1Modesty2012-01-01 20:23:13
Entrepreneurial skills clothing store about customers
How trading sessions like london open/close, us open/close and other trading sessions move currencies?0Japan has been 'thinking 2012-10-25 01:57:18
How many negotiating sessions as London open / close , opens / closes and other negotiating sessions currencies move higher or lower. As if London is opened then what would be the result and the way eur / usd wil go higher or lower
Options trading. whats the diff. between buy to open and buy to close also, sell to open and sell to close ???0DD2012-10-05 03:15:48
Options Trading . what is the diff. between buying to open and close also buy , sell and sell to open to close ? ? ?
Option trading in Scottrade - difference between "buy to open, buy to close, sell to close, and sell to open"0TO: Reiny2012-08-20 13:15:02
I would try to invest in options, but ask me if I want to " buy to open, close buy , sell to open , close and sell " . Which basically means " keep the option until maturity , and automatically sell it ? " (Assuming you make money , of course ) by jargon , planned to sell to open , but I guess that's why I 'm asking . What I can use open option where I do not want to buy the common stock when it expires ?

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