True or false recently the us has experienced a trade deficit bcuz it exports more goods than it imports? related questions

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True or false recently the us has experienced a trade deficit bcuz it exports more goods than it imports?4bettyboopfanatic2012-09-17 22:27:03
Do you believe the trade deficit, exports vs. imports, will ever be addressed in the US as a major problem?1kim smith2012-10-11 16:04:03
Please read all my data and tell me what you think of my opinions. This economy , without being able to export anywhere near what we import , is completely untenable, and continuing to grow our economy through deficit spending, without a solid foundation of trade (exports versus imports) , while thousands of loans million in the coming years is only going to end with disastrous consequences extraordinarily . Unfortunately , many of the problems we see today were created because they gave much of our manufacturing and production capabilities away and replacing the share of GDP , with extremely low interest rates , consumer spending extraordinarily high ( I have it up to 70 % of GDP), massive deficits every year to continue the growth of GDP, which made ​​the U.S. government to borrow hundreds of billions of dollars each year, and a housing bubble that is only 1.3 to 1.2 through ( the bubble has appeared subprime , Alt -A and Option ARM bubbles have yet to pop ) in which people believed that their houses always go up in value and that is how they got most of their money , of course , everything was speculation and ultimately false wealth.
A country that exports more goods than it imports has a ?1cornelius2016-09-18 22:27:03
one . trade surplus . MedlinePlus b. equilibrium in the balance of payments. MedlinePlus c. merchandise deficit. MedlinePlus d. trade deficit. MedlinePlus
If a nation's goods exports are $55 billion, while its goods imports are $50 billion, we can conclude with cer?2zeke2018-05-29 18:50:56
A. balance of payments surplus. B. balance of trade (goods) surplus. C. positive balance on goods and services. D. positive balance on current account.
What did the Spartans trade- imports and exports?1AMILCAR2016-09-18 22:25:49
What did the Spartans - trade imports and exports?
More exports than imports results in a trade what?2kara2016-09-18 22:27:18
Net exports are determined by subtracting a country's imports from their exports.?1Md jawed2016-09-18 22:28:48
This measure lets us know what our balance of trade is. Right now, our net exports are negative because we import more goods than we export. Factors such as tariffs, quotas, inflation, and unemployment both here and abroad will affect our net : Explain the relationship between net exports and the following factors: a. tariffs on American exports abroad b. depreciation of the American dollar.
Wish to find out statis of trade, i.e., imports and exports?0january2012-08-25 13:23:18
Product wise Exports from India ~ from MedlinePlus MedlinePlus produce
Help need information about world trade exports and imports ( facts )?0Sarah Van Zandt2012-07-27 07:37:02
hi, please help i need information about world trade imports and exports facts i have a school projects and i need questions and answers help help help
Why does the media feed us false information (Trade Deficit)?2Ayzure2012-09-11 19:35:03 From this article you'd gather having a trade deficit is a bad thing. I've taken college-level Economics courses, so I know this is false. It's actually often better to have less exports than imports. If China can produce a product for cheaper, and sell it to us, yes Joe will be out of a job, but 350 million of the rest of us will have more money in our pockets as a result of spending less for that product!
In 2003 U.S did more trade, imports and exports, with Japan than it did with Mainland China?0Alexis Muzquiz2012-07-31 19:45:02
In 2003 , USA did more trade, imports and exports, with Japan than it did with China ?
A favorable balance of trade is reached when a country imports are exports?1SUNIL2012-10-15 03:39:02
A trade surplus is achieved when a country imports are exports ?

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