from the movie "The Warlords" to see business

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from the movie " The Warlords " for Business
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from the movie "The Warlords" for Business Pang Qingyun Zhao Erhu, ginger popular afternoon sun rise three entrepreneurs are forced to venture on the road, as the "highway" lyrics of the first sentence, " That day shall not exceed the road. "vast expanse of snow, cold and hunger, a team of young entrepreneurs to start this. As president and has the experience of sea turtles (formerly joined the regular army) and Pang Qingyun Guanggansiling Although the company is not one, but by virtue of an old (see the soldiers raided, especially special forces) in the hard effort, a critical moment to save two coyotes (bandits) of the entrepreneurial team in times of crisis. But this does not convince Zhao Erhu, ginger afternoon sun followed it with the capital markets business (seeking refuge with the court to be funded by the State to develop and grow.) To show good faith cooperation, the three entered into an equity distribution agreement (which is a symbol of the distribution of the benefits of warlords) Chart: For small entrepreneurial team (800 teams) expanded rapidly to take advantage of the market, Pang Qingyun introduction of the first round of venture capital - the court of cheerleaders in 1500 and quickly. first round of financing of its own armed force. Of course, VC is not an angel, within 10 days of the completion of the first objective (the fall of a small town) the continued commitment to become an important second round of venture capital measure. The enemy forces in case of low contrast (200 meters from the mortal enemy of firearms, and the destruction of only 100 meters from the bow) the other ads have obvious advantages, more customers can be short covering, and the "Camp Hill words" Limited funds are limited, must be profitable to expand the market, Pang Zhirenshanren president, so that the execution of the afternoon, took the super-Yang Jiang frontline staff sales without using human wave tactics in the form of base salary, with high sales commissions with courage the expansion of market incentives (specific policies are 2 copies of financial aid to the dead, not dead at 3 copies of the grant settlement) - Reference is to steal money ! Qiangliang! Grab idiot! . At the same time, lay a solid foundation in the basic premise of effective advertising troops destroy the other hand, the use of bows and arrows. The results of other human wave tactics completely submerged, then the advantage of powerful advertising and the news reached the camp, but Hill Limited and customers face to face communication (melee). The biggest advantage of the word Camp Hill - "I am the most ruthless" tactics completely at sea under the program in your head. Jiang Zhao Erhu afternoon in the sun after a primary victory and led a team of people fighting each other for advantage in the eyes of that horse is the game, Colts courageous opponents completely overwhelmed by the moment. It's a life or death battle for the market, caught in the melee when the two teams, each with a murderer - gun (lots of advertising coverage), but the intelligent use of Pang Lidi Total annihilation of the enemy in their own strength (including a firearm) destroyed the matrix of all the power of other weapons laid the groundwork for victory, this time I really started the second round of venture capital funding, cheerleaders real money $ 1500 invested to build on the trip, in fact, many companies may want to access investment to do the same, only really crazy, moving the brain, with the results, has a core team, death-defying employees, why VC does not come we should be concerned? ! Graphic: On the way, the strength of Camp Hill shot word, not a small sample. One year after the fall of Nanjing, in truth the IPO, but the funds in place, the points, but not dirty. Employee options should be kept, two tigers stubbornly against all odds that children are all points of the money. Instrument allows shareholders equity and the main infuriated Pang Qingyun, after all, so there was no fear of tigers. The power of capital is a powerful, all between if cleared, leaving only the distribution of the benefits of nudity. Human nature, warlords and forgotten. Word of Camp Hill, had become the capital of the girl, sent at any time hear, no drives, no personality, lead from the court.
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