Looking for Manufacturer for 3mm flat colored metal headband related questions

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Looking for Manufacturer for 3mm flat colored metal headband3Lindsay2011-12-23 05:25:09
I am looking for a manufacturer of 3mm wide flat metal band . The ends should be bent. I need it in a variety of colors like black , white , beige , red , pink, blue , purple, green , yellow , orange. I would like some to be bright and some as color planes.
I am looking for someone to manfuacture which types of shoes.
I left a deposit on a flat, I was a week late on my first rent but my flat was relisted. What should I do?1swan2012-10-13 23:47:02
In December I signed a contract flat , starting in July. I left my tank just over a month's rent to the owner. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I left the UK ( as planned and told the rental agency ) , returned on July 6 and realized that the money had not come out of my account for the first month's rent. I should have been in the account of the organisms in the 1st . I called apologized 7, provides the first month's rent on the phone and asked if I could pick up the keys of the following week . They said that was fine. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I phoned on 15 July that it would be to collect the keys the next day and told me that my house had been put up for sale and let out another person . I asked him why he had taken my money for July and was told that the man who took it was new and at that time the floor had already been let to someone else! MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I've been offered a flat value similar
What are headband jewels?1gazelle2012-05-24 06:37:41
What are the jewels of the head band ?
Is there any job opportunity in Metal Industry,i have 2 yrs of experience in metal procurement and export?0Flirt 2012-08-02 16:57:02
hi ,i am working in Metal trading industry,handling all activities of a branch in Guinea(west africa) from 2 yrs.Now i am willing to work with a good reputed organization in metal industry(ferrous and non-ferrous) export/import in Canada or Europe. can anybody guide me to find such job opportunities.??
How to create different colored diamonds?1Horatia2012-03-20 19:22:07
How to create diamonds of different colors?
What shoes look good with light-colored jeans?1Ruby2012-01-01 18:46:36
What shoes look good with light-colored jeans ?
I try to find for colored contact lense buyer information.1raja2012-09-21 15:36:02
I am a supplyer colered contact lens in Korea. I have a lot of stock. Please send me an email. I send you my list of products. I have 4 of the record of more than 40 articles . If any information . please let me know [email protected]
metal art, stainless steel products(fruit plate, vase, furniture, decoration, candlehodler,wine rack,photo frame, mirror frame and we can customize all metal /stainless steel products.1agirl1232012-07-18 06:32:02
Factory in China, Guangdong, Jiangmen. We are doing all kinds of metal/stainless steel products. and we have a nice decorate products. we welcome to visit our web:http://goreach.en.alibaba.com. Any quesiton please contact me.
How do i find clothing manufacturer/Manufacturer agents4SkaterMan422017-03-17 23:40:05
Hello, I launch my clothing line, but need help to find manufacturers that offer private labeling . I need a reliable manufacturer that can offer quality designs high-end clothing.
Some American and Japanese comics journal with colored newsprint paper similar to what is called the paper?1Isaa2012-01-08 00:25:53
Some publications are also used internally, coarse texture , the surface is smooth , soft colors .
Color coded measuring spoons, cups and a Liquid Measuring Cup with colored line/bands for the measurements1Berenice chico2016-04-19 23:34:58
Hi. I'm looking for Color coded measuring cups, and spoons that have large enough areas that they can be imprinted with a company name. And it would be GREAT to find someone who made and could print them in-house The measurement markings would be best if embossed or de-bossed so they don't come off in the dishwasher. It would be great if the cups and spoons used the same Bright color scheme. ***I'm also in need of a liquid measuring cup, with the scale in different colors, and with the scale printed all around the cup, so that no matter how you hold it, you can see how much liquid you are putting into the cup.

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