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Ryan suter screwed up nashville!?3nonna2012-11-02 21:13:02
He was like in feb, why wont we win now when we got a chance? so david poille tried and got pieces for a run but they lost. this is why u dont risk players and trade them when u have a chance. do u agree?
Can Nashville be a straight up contender in the playoffs+BQ's?1asem2012-10-22 12:01:03
They seem to be trading good players . MedlinePlus Who will win BQ probably the Sabres and Canucks trade in the future? I think you will be Buffalo Hodson will be good . MedlinePlus BQ2 if the Habs more players traded away today ?
Am I getting screwed over by this college?2Jessica2012-08-31 11:51:02
I withdrew at the beginning of fall semester, but too late to audit.(registration issue) The head of the program I was under said that I could still attend the lectures in preparation for this [spring] semester. I was told, by the head, the only thing I had to do was show up for the new semester( which I thought was odd, but hey this was my first time)Fast forward to beginning of spring, my instructor did not call out my name in class. Still a bit suspicious about everything, I asked if that was something I needed to be concerned about. He said No. Fast forward to the end of the semester, I passed all exams including the final. With the exceptions of 8 class hours and 2 clinical hours(missed because of hospitalization) I completed all else. Because I did not complete EVERYTHING by the deadline, my instructor says, he'll mark me as incomplete like last semester... He finds out in talking to the [new] head of our program that I haven't even been registered for the class. I'm still marked as a withdrawal. So the head of the program tried talking to registration, but they would not cooperate. He went over their head (whatever that means) and was still unsuccessful. So I invested a great amount of time and energy just for some administrators to block me over some dumb technicality? Am I being screwed? What options do I have left?Also, I told my mother that she can start talking them now, but I'm afraid that she will be rude and disrespectful. I'm NOT trying to burn any bridges! I haven't given her the contact information yet. I was thinking I would emphasize the need to keep all contacts open. I do have a deadline, could someone please help me? This trade has become apart of me. It's very important, and I'm crushed right now.
Are we totally screwed?0frustrated2012-10-16 01:53:57
Do we have too many looming crisis to fix it? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Some examples : The world is running out of oil . We are facing an energy crisis . Overpopulation , global population first reached one billion in 1810 AD , we are now at 6.6 billion and is expected to reach 9 billion by 2050 . In addition , we are running out of fresh water . Do not forget to Climate Change . Because of these problems are likely to see mass migrations of people , you think we have an immigration problem now? ! Our national debt is now over $ 11.4 trillion ! We are projected to reach $ 18.4 trillion in 2019 . That is 148% of our GDP in 2009. Add to that the fact that baby boomers are preparing to retire en masse and have the worst trade deficit in the world . Our economy seems to be a massive Ponzi scheme . 1 in 4 prisoners in the world are American when only represent 5 % of the world population ( country free from my *** ) . We're practically throwing people . Our political leaders are obviously corrupt and incompetent . Partisanship is killing our Republic . The left and right in this country are about to go to war with each other ( an exaggeration , but not by much ) . Our national decline rate for high school students is 16% , much higher in inner city schools . What are these children going to be ? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus I could go on , but I think you get the idea . Therefore, we F'ed in the A or what? Can we fix this?
Are the Lakers screwed? ?0tenille2012-10-23 14:32:34
The NBA screwed them out of the deal Chris Paul and now he's gone to the Clippers . Dwight Howard trade talks have stalled thanks to Orlando and even then the Nets have a better deal for Howard . Kobe has no one to take his place when he is gone and now more than half of the list is more than 30 years . No Phil Jackson either, the future looks bleak for the Lakers from this point of view .
How can you assure you won't get screwed when you set a limit price?0Margi2012-08-05 15:38:02
This is the situation that worries me. Stock is trading at 10.15 and want to sell when the stock goes to 10.00 , but only want to sell the shares if the price drops to 10.00. What is to stop the shipping market maker population of 10.00 to pick up their shares and then raise the price back to 10.15 ?
Think that screwed up to help change the government of Egypt Mr Obama?2Melvin2012-10-15 08:47:02
I think that screwed up to help change the government of Egypt Mr Obama Egypt's president-elect has vowed to win the release of an Egyptian cleric jailed by the U.S. for planning the first attack on New York's World Trade Center. Omar Abdel-Rahman, "the blind sheikh," is serving a life sentence in a federal prison for his role in the 1993 bombing that killed six people in lower Manhattan. The attack on the World Trade Center launched by al Qaeda eight years later on Sept. 11, 2001, killed nearly 3,000 people
What would you do if an ex-fiance, who screwed you over anyways, wrote you an email out of the blue?0Sophia2012-10-10 22:50:40
after three years without contact , and was titled " What do you think ? " and invited me to click on a link in your e ... Lovehappens called . I did . And told me I had an account there , but I had to ask for a password. I told him what happened in another email, and I was expecting a password site link you gave me. No response . So today, I noticed the hell with it, and spent about 3-4 minutes to fill out a profile for myself ... added a photo . Then I had two pages of pop - ups asking me if I wanted to be on a mailing list too this or that , put not both . Then , a page came up and asked if I would be able to email members for free, then I asked my yahoo address , then go ahead , I asked my yahoo password ! She PHISHING ! ! So I sent my roommates website Pre - Paid Legal , a firm of NYSE Stocks, which handles both legal services and identity theft protection , and email to my ex and told in the title , what do you think , then I sent my roomies site ?
Johnson to Nets...Ferry a genius? Dwight screwed?0Kiara2012-10-12 17:08:10
Atlanta pour $ 120 million in the contract of a player who is not even up to par. Now Atlanta can make room for some solid players . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Dwight ? MedlinePlus - If Williams returns , need to change a lot of key players for the top (also known as Kris and Lopez ) in order to make room for even Dwight . Even if they can , they have 3 big of a poor man ( If Johnson even counts ) and key stakeholders. MedlinePlus - If Nets GM plays intelligently and amnesties Johnson , Dwight still has a chance. But considering moving king stupid , I doubt it . MedlinePlus - If Williams leaves , Dwight is stuck in about the same situation I was in Williams during his career in New Jersey ( now Brooklyn ) , probably worse considering that just lost to a PG all star traded essentially paint depth MedlinePlus In the end, Dwight is an idiot in this whole fiasco .
Don't you Republicans realize that the freer you make international trade, the more screwed you are?2Minne2012-10-08 03:20:03
Each country is adopting an industrial policy.
Isnt it it great How GM and the Government screwed we the tax payers for 26.5 billion dollars left un paid?0gracy2012-10-27 17:23:13
The distribution of the loss of paper follows. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * The U.S. Treasury GM paid about $ 49.86 billion from late 2008 until 2009 to restructure the company and fund their movement through bankruptcy and beyond. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Before accounting for income Treasury IPO , GM had paid about $ 9.74 billion for the government. Refunds for unused loans , including the purchase of own shares and preferred dividends , and interest. That left taxpayers owed ​​a little over $ 40.1 billion . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * Includes over-allotments , the Treasury recover more than $ 13.6 billion by selling 412.3 million shares, leaving taxpayers owed ​​about $ 26.5 billion . Treasury would have to sell its remaining 500.1 million equity stake at an average price of around $ 53 for taxpayers to be repaid. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus * With GM stock trading at $ 34.50 late Thursday in New York Stock Exchange , taxpayers face a $ 18.50 per share of its remaining deficit , or about $ 9250 MedlinePlus million MedlinePlus http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSTRE6A
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