Knitting computer is automatic only 4 kinds mix 6 kinds related questions

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Knitting computer is automatic only 4 kinds mix 6 kinds0Mahesh Chandra2012-07-30 19:15:56
Consult everybody knitting computer is automatic only 4 kinds mix 6 kinds, if come,appearance is 8 color, 16, every a 1.5CM, be afore-mentioned do 4 kinds mix 6 kinds to be not done? Does the computer quality that there is other knit knitting frame?
Hit long-distance more, it analogy of which kinds of card use is cheaper to analogy of which kinds of card use?0sfsd2012-07-14 20:43:01
all kinds of geogrid1Rolanda2012-07-14 17:55:02
selling all kinds of high geogrid quantity with good price
many kinds of stocks bags1Domain Name ン 2012-01-19 19:48:45
we can supply many kinds of bags including handbags shares lady, backpacks , bags and so on the amount , large or small, as well, and can be submitted at any time if you have any interesting , please feel free to contact me. Thanks and regards ass Email: @ TradeManager : cndgjx
Supply all kinds of yarn1Spike 2012-03-12 21:16:53
Supply all kinds of yarn
Does plastic where of PET of of all kinds flotsam have?1Mary2012-02-10 20:15:45
Claim of all types of PET plastic is useless : Embryo container , bottle , pieces of rowing, from silk waste , suction box model / piece, leftover material from the coupling plate X , the product
What are the diffrent kinds of trading?0Ruthie2012-09-14 04:32:02
what is the trade ? ( short lines )
How to find all kinds of mobile phones1armadillo2012-01-21 03:19:10
How to find all types of mobile phones
Have those kinds of toilet seat that can fold up1Wendy2012-01-07 04:28:54
Having that kind of toilet seat that can fold
Supply all kinds of ribbon [irrigation]1China2012-05-05 19:50:46
We supply all kinds of tape [ irrigation ]
A few kinds of means can get online excuse me?1I am so (h) 2012-02-20 03:13:43
A few types of media available online excuse me?
Surprise! ALL KINDS OF OIL SEALS AND O-RINGS!1rajshekhar2012-08-03 03:39:07
We export all kinds of rubber products, such as , ring, ring V - the combined ring , lid, cap, ball, sheet gasket , mats , parts, oil seal. Made of NBR , FPM , PU, ​​EPDM , FAB , FKM, PMQ , ACM , Pite , PA and so on. If any of these items of interest to you , please let us know. We are happy to give you a quotation upon receipt of your detailed requirements . We welcome your inquiries before . Best Regards Doris Company Website : Mail: wuzhanhui112 ( a) g mail ( dot) com MSN: dorisandcat @ hotmailcom Trademanager : cn220297428

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