Compare and contrast the similarities of China and the United States in terms of exchange rates, trade practic? related questions

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Compare and contrast the similarities of China and the United States in terms of exchange rates, trade practic?0mich2012-07-30 17:44:56
Compare and contrast the similarities between China and the U.S. in terms of exchange rates , trade practices , and environmental factors . How does China have on the world economy?
Suppose the United States and Brazil sign a free trade agreement. If real interest rates increase in the Unite?0woshs2012-07-26 14:43:02
Suppose the United States and Brazil signed a free trade agreement . If real interest rates are increased in the United States, but not in Brazil , which of the following will be the case of capital flows in Brazil , exports and value of the Brazilian Real ? Capital flows / export or value of the Brazilian real an input / Increase / depreciate. b Input / Decrease / appreciate . c start / increase / appreciate . d Flow rate / decrease / appreciate . Flow rate and / Increase / depreciate. 2 . When the U.S. dollar ruble appreciated against the Rusian , then few American tourists who travel to Russia will benefit from the new rate . b Rusian oil is more expensive for American consumers. c Rusian government will buy more American wheat . d to import American jewelry gold jewelry of Russia -les . Rusian and factory workers -owned receive a lower wage . 3 . Suppose interest rates fall in the United States, but gift
Is trade with China harmful to the United States?0daniyal2012-11-04 23:04:30
What is your opinion of the current account deficit?
Compare and Contrast American Revolution to the war in Iraq?0Jonesy 312012-08-08 02:17:03
Similarities and differences of the American Revolution to the war in Iraq on these issues. - Military - Civil -Global -Trade - Politics - Time
Compare and contrast the modern industry and the tradit. agriculture of Venezuela. Venezuelan info. included.?0Myriah2012-09-25 02:18:02
Compare and contrast the modern industry and traditional agriculture Venezuela. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Modern Industry: MedlinePlus The class found rigid social structures established by the Spanish has been transformed since the mid-1920s by oil discoveries around Lake Maracaibo. These oil wells Venezuela into one of the major oil producers. Oil exports produce foreign trade income in good years that are equal to the income of all other South American countries together. Under democratic governments that have ruled since mid-1959, much of this money has been earmarked for development and social programs that have benefited the people. Before the discovery of oil in 1813, the population was 80% rural, illiterate and poor. Today those proportions are reversed. More than 85% of Venezuelans live in cities, can read and write, and many of them are less poor. The agriculture-based economy has given way to the industry. Modern Venezuela, despite many economic problems, should be ranked among the worlds richest and most powerful. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Traditional culture and agriculture: MedlinePlus The vast majority of Venezuelans are called mestizos of mixed origin. About 17% of the population is white and 10% are black. Native American Indians who have remained unmixed represent only 1% of the population. Almost everyone speaks Spanish and the majority is Catholic. In the highlands, we find not only the majority of the population centers of the country, but also their farmland. Before the discovery of oil, agriculture based economy. Coffee used to account for more than half of export earnings. Today it remains the most valuable cash crop. For decades, agriculture has taken a back seat to oil. The country is not self-sufficient in agriculture and has to import about half of its food. Venezuela does not have the rich soil of other Latin American countries. In recent years, government programs have increased agricultural production through projects such as irrigation. Potato production has increased, but still not enough to meet the demands of the growing urban population. Across the country, the markets are full of produce. Government attempts to reduce subsidies and price supports in recent years have led to higher prices and, occasionally, to protest the village. The early crops of sugarcane raised are maize, rice, sorghum, bananas, oranges and coconuts. Livestock and dairy products are also imported livestock has not yet occur in the uplands, but in the prairies of Yonoes bounded.
Is China the next United States? What becomes of the US then?1Mr. smileyface2012-09-28 05:17:02
If so , what do you think will happen to the U.S. ? U.S. Economy if the worst thing is the worst at this time .. Unlike China is really getting rich . MedlinePlus The truth is that not be surprised if Chinese Yuan replace the U.S. dollar as currency trading world someday .
How does trade-deficit impact exchange rates?0slevin2012-07-26 09:07:05
When a country imports more than it exports and has a trade deficit , how does this affect the exchange rate of that country? Assuming that the exchange rate is floating .
Compare and contrast the difference between the three trading companies Portugual trading empire, Dutch East?0Riri2012-06-29 12:15:02
Compare and contrast the three trading companies Portugal Trading Empire, The Dutch EAst India Company and Walmart and How do they treat Asian countries?
I need help im doing a project on china,united states and japan, i need the answers to these questions.?0Ir2012-09-17 02:11:04
1.Which country think it would increase its success in meeting the economic goals of expanding trade with the U.S.? Explain. MedlinePlus 2.Based in your information about comparative and absolute advantage , explain which country the United States would benefit most and why . MedlinePlus 3.Considering discussion and data on trade barriers and free trade areas , which country would be easier to deal with from a political point of view ? Explain. MedlinePlus 4.Are any of these countries experiencing high inflation ? How will inflation affect exchange rates with U.S. currency and , ultimately , the cost of trade ? What else can affect inflation to society and the world economy ? MedlinePlus 5.Are There are other issues the two countries that the United States should consider before entering trade negotiations ? Discuss them . Examples may be human rights issues , war , geography , other political issues , malnutrition or disease , transportation or weather. MedlinePlus 6.To end , what country do you think would be a better trade partner for the United States at this time ? Explain.
How do i find good websites to about China and United States trading?1prateek nayak2015-07-29 22:24:52
so trade , imports, exports, much to do, which is more productive .. please help!
Has the United States turned China into a super power by trading with this country?0Brandie2012-09-05 03:00:05
China's GDP is almost $ 8 billion. The U.S. is $ 14 billion , and less than $ 2.5 trillion China to Britain . Have we exported our wealth to China and allowed them to become a superpower ? How stupid and greedy is America. We have exported our wealth to a former ally of the Second World War and the enemy through Korea and Vietnam , and now , we are in a position in which China could throw the currency of its foreign exchange reserves of U.S. $ 1.2 billion and collapse our economy . China owns us . How can we let this happen ? Are we so ignorant ? Arrogant ? No wonder Europe is to take away from us . We are stupid .
Because of the similarities in culture, should Canada and the States join to form one country?0Josh Knight2012-11-04 13:42:59
I have to give an oral presentation about this, and if you have the time, please read over what I have written, and tell me if it has any merit, or give your own opinion on the matter. Thank-you. When two countries share a boarder, there will be noticeable influences, whether that be in the food, or the language, etc. Canada is heavily influenced by the States. The States is one of Canada's major trading partners, and when the States is hurt economically, Canada does suffer, or when there is a trend in fashion, or technology, it is most likely going to find it's way into Canadian culture. Both countries are multicultural, and have a variety of types of people, so, disregarding regional accents, there really is not a tell tale sign to distinguish a Canadian and an American. But regardless, we are not the same people. There are differences, and although they may not very evident upon meeting a Canadian/American, they are there. Austria and Switzerland, who have the same language, etc. were once treated like they were the same country, and that angered them because they are not the same. Neither are Canada and the States. Italy was once owned by Austria and Spain. It was not really a country, but rather a collection of city-states, and before Napoleon established Italy and freed it from the British, the italians did not have an identity. Where they Spanish? Austrian? German? He united two parts which were governed differently at one point and inspired nationalism. The italians were now italians. They now had an identity that was not associated with another country or the church. But Canada and the States are not like Italy. They have their own, established identities. Canada is the peacekeeper, and has made advances in science like the Canadian arm in space, and has better international relationships - you would not see a Canadian wearing an American flag to be accepted into another country. And although minor in comparison to other countries, Canada has made achievements in war, which after WWII was finally realized. Alsace in France, which has been owned by both Germany/Prussia and France, has a strong German influence in the culture; a lot of the street names are German, the cuisine is a blend of German and French, and the language, although French, has a German accent. But the citizens of France would not give the province to Germany for that reason. I feel that as Canadians, we have to fight for our identity because it is there, but is undermined by the States. Combining the countries because of their similarities, in my opinion, is not a good idea. As Canadians, we would be lost. We would fight for an identity, like the French have against the English for years, but would slowly become Americanized.

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