(Pokemon White) Can someone give me a ditto? I'll hatch you a Charmander, Snivy or Trapinch if you do.? related questions

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(Pokemon White) Can someone give me a ditto? I'll hatch you a Charmander, Snivy or Trapinch if you do.?0alobi2012-07-30 15:14:01
I want to get into breeding pokemon for trade, but I don't have a ditto and I'm not all that far along in the game yet (yeah I know, play the game. I'm working on it). Anyone got a spare? I'll use it to breed one of the above three for you.
Can anyone give me a Charmander in Pokemon White/Black?0Jerem2012-10-13 03:43:43
Hello guys really want a Charmander for my girlfriend , who is our only month , so I thought I should give you a rare pokemon . xD I just started to go online with my game , so I wanted to make a friend that I can trade and battle with . Hopefully you have something that I can give in return . MedlinePlus :) My friend code is 2537 9576 3192 thanks : D
Does someone have a snivy they could trade in pokemon black or white?0Griffit2012-07-26 23:38:02
give me your code if ur interested
Is there anyone who has a Snivy in Pokemon Black and White with the ability Contrary?0Mattie2012-10-21 12:37:54
I'm really looking forward to having a family member who has hidden capacity snivy instead . The problem is that the Global Link site is not available , and even then, I'm not sure if I can get an account . However, there are people in Japan , or have negotiated with Japanese having a trainer from the original is a Japanese Global Link . MedlinePlus So I wonder , is there anyone who has a far Snivy ? I'd really like one . MedlinePlus I have yet to think about what we can offer.
Pokemon white charmander?1Kenny2012-08-09 19:45:03
Anyone have a Charmander is not necessary that they can trade me.
Is there anyone out there that want's to trade a Japanese Origin Ditto on Pokemon White?1Christopholees2012-08-15 13:06:02
I've heard of this method to raise Pokémon bright but I really need a Ditto who is of Japanese origin . This means that the Pokémon Black and White in Japan. If you have a friend of my code is : 3611 7367 9686. Thanks >.
I need a Charmander 4 Pokemon White, somone wanna trade?0JaneLee2012-07-27 19:41:02
I really want 1 D: Plis...:(
Can I breed a traded male Munchlax with a Ditto on Pokemon White?0Cambodia2012-10-19 13:16:15
I have the game pokemon white. I'm trying to breed my male Munchlax traded with a Ditto just caught me . Day- Care man is telling me that " prefer to play with others who are. " which is not good . Should I try to catch another Ditto ? Or , when breeding with a ditto , do I have to have a woman Munchlax ? I'm a little confused now . I do not think he cared.
Pokemon White or Black willing to trade a Bulbasaur, Squirtle or Charmander or there evolvement?0Sahil2012-08-08 05:18:01
I would like to exchange it for one of those for mine I have a few , for example, Garchomp lvl 100, lvl 90 serperior woman , Zorua lvl 1 and much more rare. My friend code is 5286 7776 8568
Pokemon white if i change my country and reset my game will my ditto be considered from a different country?0Alvin2012-07-17 21:05:02
I hear if you have a pokemon breed with a pokemon from a different country it gives alot higher of a chance to get a shiny, so if i change my ds country and reset and trade a ditto to my friend will it be considered from a different country?
Free mystery egg give away Pokemon black and white?07th grade2012-11-04 22:48:33
These are rare eggs give me your fc and we can trade eggs have an egg ready to trade my fc is 0948 6183 0475
Will anyone trade me a trapinch vibrava or flygon on pokemon black?0luzia2012-07-16 08:19:02
Hello, I really need it bad! I will give a pokemon Dreamworld ! any level , please!

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