Good Pikachu nature suggestions?

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Hi! First post! :)

I'm playing Heartgold but on SoulSilver and will trade a pichu over soon. I want to have a Pikachu on my team right when I start Heartgold!

My Pichu is LV 1 Naive Nature Somewhat of a Clown

I want to know if naive nature is a good choice or if I should look for another nature. I chose naive because it doesn't hinder attack or special attack and my soon to be Pikachu will know volt tackle and thunderbolt. The Light ball doubles special attack and attack so I didn't want a nature to weaken one of them. Naive raises speed. Good choice?

I also so far have bought 30 vitamins for the Pichu.
10 for Special Attack
10 for Attack
10 for Speed

Gonna buy more soon. My Pichu's stats don't appear to go up but they will when I battle right? :) And even if I trade the vitamins still count?

I'm actually not into competitive battling or EV or IV training, but even in-game Pikachus can have some trouble with weak defense so want to know if my Pichu is a good nature?

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