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How to trade pokemon from pc to android?1RomanRamirez2015-08-28 02:11:25
I want to trade pokemon so they can evolve. So if you guys can tell me how to that would be a great help. And i'm not tech savy so dumb it down
Specialization in Android development or both Android and iOS(iPhone)?1Jesinia2022-01-18 20:31:36
I started flirting with Android development and I would love to work as an application developer . However, I do not know anything about Objective- C and iOS . MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Do companies look for developers who are comfortable with both Android and iPhone development or are they looking for experience in a platform? MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Not to be a "learner of many trades . At the same time , I like to keep my options open . MedlinePlus Any advice is appreciated :) Thanks .
Can i trade an android in for a iPhone?1kellie2012-08-16 15:59:32
So I have a Samsung glide captive ( I think that's what its called ) anyway . ¿ I can exchange it for an iPhone 4 or 4s ? Please help ?
Can best buy let you trade in a stolen android?0khado2012-07-16 05:17:02
My friend stole my phone and won't give it back. Her mother also told me that she will not being giving me the phone back. I really don't want my mom to find out or the police to get involved. I was gonna call in my cellphone provider and f them the info to the phone to report it as stolen and disable the phone. My friend said she gonna take the phone down to best buy and trade it in for a better android phone. If the find out that the phone is stolen and disable will they let her trade it in for a need android phone? The reason that I can't call the police is because I called her phone and texted her a bunch of times to give my the phone back (48 times) and they said if I get the police involved the will charge me for harassment. And my ex-friend is crazy and is bipolar and I'm not allowed to go to her house. If my mom found out I would get in be trouble for being with her. (also is scared my mom would seriously kill her) And I'm moving in two weeks so I'll never get it backs anyways. (I have a new phone anyways) all I want is for her to have karma and not being able to use the phone or trade it in. ( old phone doesn't work and they don't have money for a new phone)
When you trade a pokemon on the global trade station can the wi-fi network tell if the pokemon is legit or not?0Managerial economics2012-10-15 08:39:45
pokemon platinum , diamond , pearl , gold and silver heart soul
Pokemon white global trade station unable to trade for certain pokemon?0shasha2012-07-17 19:48:02
In pokemon white I have a zorua that I've wanted to trade for an eevee but I cannot select the option to only trade for an eevee does anyone have any answer as to why this happens?
Pokemon Pearl PokeDex Numbers Left (what pokemon are they?) and possible trade options./ battles to see them.?0Sarahbeth2012-08-21 17:00:24
46 MedlinePlus 54 MedlinePlus 59 MedlinePlus 65 MedlinePlus 80 MedlinePlus 81 MedlinePlus 108 MedlinePlus 111 MedlinePlus 113 MedlinePlus 114 MedlinePlus 115 MedlinePlus 128 MedlinePlus 134 MedlinePlus 135 MedlinePlus 139 MedlinePlus 146 MedlinePlus 149 - Dialga ( I ) MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Name : Austin MedlinePlus Friend Number : 1890 8057 4139 MedlinePlus MedlinePlus Note : I've only had this game since Friday. so I have only about 20 or so pokemon captured .... but I got all the way to the Elite 4 b4 . lol I have like 30 hours logged so far.
Who is willing to trade a pokemon holding a shell bell for mew, celebi, or arceus in pokemon black?2 D ﹑ ior__ Yan -2012-10-11 21:19:03
If you want one of those pokemon I just trade any pokemon holding a bell cover online. Email me if interested in [email protected]
In pokemon black and white, can you get pokemon from heartgold/silver from the global trade?0Nemin2012-08-28 00:32:02
If you do not have two DS , but it's a monster Gen II , you can use the world trade to HeartGold / SoulSilver Pokémon , or need two DS and two games ?
Could you trade a rhydon or electabuzz from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon heartgold to evolve them?1Sandy2012-07-22 03:02:02
Could you trade a rhydon or electabuzz from Pokemon Emerald to Pokemon heartgold to evolve them into Rhyperior or Electivire?
Global Terminal - Pokemon Platinum. What would be a fair trade for any of the Legendary Pokemon?1Khotso2012-09-29 04:02:02
I have Pokemon Platinum, and I'm trying to get every Pokemon in the 'dex, but I can't figure out what Pokemon would be fair enough trades for the legendary Pokemon. Would anyone trade a legendary for a Spiritomb or a Feebas? What about an extra Latios, Latias, etc.?
I am currently re-playing Pokemon Blue on Game Boy Emulator on my PC. how do i trade pokemon using emulators?0Binga2012-10-10 06:11:15
Are there applications / software that I can use ?

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