Collage Business questions for HW?

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1. differnce between the money coming into a country (exports) and money leaving the country (for imports) plus money flows from other factors such as tourism, foreign aid and military is as follows:
B. trade balance
C.balance money flows
D. exchange rate

2. a U.S. company recently criticized a Chinese steel producer to charge a lower price for their products Iin the United States than it collects in China. if it proves to be true, the Chinese firm has participated in:
industrial protectionism BA strategy of the low labor cost
C. discharge
D. manipulation of the exchange rate

3.The European Union has created a single monetary unit to replace the national currencies of twelve member countries. the common currency known as:
A. e-dollar
B. pounds
4.partricks product has a manufacturing plant near Chicago. The plant specializes in compact washers and dryers countries where consumers have less living space. products, Patricks, participates in the global marketplace through:
A. import
B. discharge
C. Export
D. trade balance

5. when foregin companies building production facilities in the U.S. who are participating in:
A. Export
foreign direct investment C. import

Boutique offers 6.moniques deccorative tiles tiles worldwide. the owner regularly travels abroad to find the best tile second most unusual foreging producers have to offer. Monique participates in:
A. imorting
licenses C.dumping
D. Export

7. Which of the following Continets is home to the largest percentage of world population:
B. Europe
C. North America
D. Asia

8. Which of the following best describes the impact of Internet transactions in the global market?
A. The use of email has minimized the risk of exportation of the assets of a company by a foreign governenment.
B. the Internet allows new competitors entering a foreign market to bypass traditional distribution channels
C. regulartory legal forces are ignored because Internet transactions are difficult to control.
D. Internet chat roms allow an increase in the use of barter as a way to resolve payment issues Internation

If you can help me as much as possible that would be great, but elimiating some answers would be good. Thanks to everyone who helps

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