Is the female straight hair after all good-looking or is wavy hair good?

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Is the female straight hair after all good-looking or is wavy hair good?
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Everything that is not casual, team holds impunity, understand and master self hairstyle in hand combing division not only fair, especially when the domain otherwise you can have the best hairstyle in him memory! Straight hair and hair character ideal effect concern: falls result is not ideal, naturally suitable: Inflexible, fly up conveyed a lot of young girls like to throw straight hair, straight hair pulling to appear neat and clean, the Qing Dynasty student is pure, white-collar is grown, not looking to have a person apparently inadequate because it is in them in years, straight hair various articles of iron is to beautify the hair from the beginning to the end of the inn battalion defending a large project. However, they have long after a person straight part hair irons, hair hanging discover and imagine it right, on the contrary, or is mediocre formalist, or send it to fly up silk issued, the person also appears aged and emaciated accordingly. 1. Hair that the reason why mainest successfully be easy model character belongs to damage hair core is empty and severe, or be trapped by being ironed and often make the hair is stretched downward, which form the layer scale surface straight hair straightener your hair is further press releases, make hair lose flexibility needed to move continuously send feeling. 2. Correspondence subtle movement is catching before ironing the need for qualitative understanding enough to send his. On the foundation that can send continuously in nature, do a little flexibility to file for hitting and hair, iron Length substantially heavier line to use hair feeling hair straighter than dinkum ion is very more hot suit. And once they ironed hair fixers often respond to avoid iron hair absolutely straight, growing to restore flexibility while a year to an average year for hair, probably only achieve ideal result after that. TIPS: extra hair, very hot directly next be necessary to protect become a special attention is grounding, antistatic device has the effect of washing protect and modeling things to beautify things hair, makes hair capacity proper hang naturally, do not fly up in the winter pass. Curl and curl effect means great concern: the result is not ideal and lush romantic: Arrogant because of his seniority in fashion this year is hair curl fashion model best people curl each top of the head appears in the T stage, magazines and advertising, so look attractive and exuberant sex appeal also fits very festive atmosphere. However, many people perhaps had such bitter lesson: Send in roll, liquid medicine, heat is carbonado thud abluent discovers however, the haircut that adds no romance out himself the temperament soft beauty, and much person as a wig on his head to cover kind of aunt who became arrogant because of his seniority for an immediate embargo. Hairstyle: Curl is dedicated to making demon princess type 1. Reason unsuccessfully makes guilty of such miserable end result is you master to beautify hair, his trick marcel curl decided final result directly. Therefore, before Marcel, to beautify the hair division must perform without fail please understanding and communication. 2. Rotational movement means subtle correspondence. The degree of curl club decided to finish everything, if you will, is the type of day belle lightsome natural change and feeling beautiful wavy hair, get attention, their division hairstyle is what you prepare to be the center of curvature the diameter reaches 4-5 cm, only appear very natural and optional. And if you want the great wave of romantic freedom, please choose a fine wavy thick hair horn is good, the ability to send him roll look more modern and free. If you like the curl restoration of old European palace type forms, winding strut screw is critical, the effect is very lush meets. TIPS: In addition, the division today hair style fine season also vary by customer demand instead, and stick differentiate and use curl to send a different volume, the result is more curl leaving more natural stereo too. If your hairstyle division level is fine, you can also try it once, is the club of what kind of curl without thinking however, you want the curl of modern feeling, remember: The division of hairstyle you requested is perpendicular place! The flimsy silk 3000 winter day problems in the division hairstyle gives perhaps too busy to say a word the whole sentence, have it so you can create to allow good hair style that is like two different people with the soil as momentous miracle trade? You yourself must also prepare something!
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