I have a sharp pain in the back of my left leg...what is this?

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Asked at 2012-07-29 00:59:02
I've had on and off pain in the back of my left leg specifically the top of my calf and the muscle just above the bend of the knee(lower thigh??). Now this pain occurs everyday. I went to Kaiser exactly one year ago and they told me it was tendonitis ..fine, I took it easy for a week and took medication for the pain. A year later I have pain in the above mentioned areas on a daily basis. What makes this tough is I have to attend trade shows for work, so after 4 days at a trade show my leg feel like it's about to fall off.
A few key notes.
- I broke my neck 10 years ago and as a result I consider my left leg to be my "bad leg" I trip often and experience some clonus.
- My knee feels fine although due to the injury I have hyper sensitivity in my knee
- the pain often starts at the left side of the tendons that connect to the muscle of my back left leg.
When this happens I can locate the pain and apply pressure for temp. relief.
- the pain is the worst when I bend my leg slightly, i.e climbing stairs or going down stairs.
- there is no swelling, bruising or dis colorization and I never heard a pop.
I keep telling my Dr. that I think this might have something to do with my injury but I was prescribed sports medicine therapy. I was also given anti inflammatory pills. Helps slightly.

Any suggestions what this could be?
Answer1anoAnswered at 2012-09-28 12:18:02
back pain or other back pain really should be seen by a doctor , the problem with back problems is that there may be many causes of muscle cramps , general pain or perhaps completely blown disease denerative disk . This is the reason to see your doctor is vital . If your about 40 years old maybe degenerative disc disease may be the problem .
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