Engine speed, vehicle speed, gear What is the relationship?

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Team of the engine speed , vehicle speed , what is the relationship?
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I use a simple example, should be understandable. You know the speed of the bike, right? The wheel of the bicycle in the speed dial in the file, change the speed, the reason: you can pedal a hard drive that is the driving force, with the chain driven rear wheel, when the rotation speed fixed constant, the speed of the chain being equal, that when the rear wheel smaller, in turn, led to the chain a couple of laps, as the rotation of the circle after circle three meters, the speed quickly, the larger rear wheel, for example, the fixed plate, which mounted a rotary lap after lap 1, the speed of the slow speed of the bike which is the speed dial file, in fact, is to make chain linked to the different sizes of the arts, which is hanging in the car engine is the file sent around a fixed power, energy (leg muscles) When the oil is the engine size is fixed, a file that is attached to the rear of the larger disk, the slower, smaller disc 5 file is linked to the fastest speed is the speed of the motor, the number of revolutions per minute, can be transferred to Oil Express 4 -speed, such as hanging file folders, will give a little more oil, the higher engine speed, then speed up quickly to change, such as engine speed, the larger the file has been linked to the higher speed, lower the file, the slower speed, such as high speed are now 30 speed, 4 linked files, because the disk is too small 4-speed, this time in order to maintain a constant speed flywheel 30 to be transferred very slow (less oil), engine speed is slow, so high speed and low speed links now only three files, ran 60 miles in pedal to the metal, called low degree of high-speed low-grade high speed, the oil, motor overload time progresses, the big heat, pain, in particular, to say that the speed of high-end machine, as it requires less oil, so many people, including a small number of coaches and older drivers have this bad habit, thinking that the general welfare saving design a car engine speed rules more reasonable and effective is 3000 rpm, the speed of rotation speed of high frequency is too low, saving a little bit of oil, which directly affect the engine performance, easy to lead to nozzle clogging and other problems, the most important thing is to shorten the engine life, it is recommended not to use this method, and 2500 rpm Do the following to your
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