what would the best network of contacts be to have as someone in the advertising industry? related questions

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what would the best network of contacts be to have as someone in the advertising industry?1Myolie2012-01-21 00:35:18
What is the best network of contacts, practicing as someone in the advertising industry ?
Those who did bath industry advertising advertising1♂ → Yun salmon terror 2012-04-03 23:21:26
Those who do bath industry Advertising Advertising
What overall challenges face the advertising industry?1Nathan2012-05-29 21:28:06
What global challenges facing the advertising industry ?
What is the current health of the advertising industry?1Ceci2012-05-31 18:14:34
What is the current health of the advertising industry ?
What should I study to have a better opportunity in Advertising Industry?1Michaelia2012-04-29 02:20:29
What should I study to get a better opportunity in the advertising industry ?
Advertising Machine (floor, building, network, vertical) LCD Monitor1 등과 같은 대화에서2012-01-02 04:20:00
Advertising Machine (floor, building, network vertical) LCD Monitor
Ge Luobo VS World Health Industry Network1boob 2012-01-05 20:04:33
Ge VS Luobo World Health Network Industry
Have idea certain set the network industry character that prohibits duplicating to duplicate come down? (Catch screen besides QQ beyond)1Alden2012-01-19 01:00:45
They have created some idea of ​​the nature of the network industry , which prohibits the duplication to double down? ( Screenshot, QQ well beyond)
How to sell advertising in a direct-mail advertising magazine?1┆ o `residual Que 2012-02-04 03:54:20
How to sell advertising in a magazine advertising direct mail ?
Seven contacts Collection What is wealth?1Love you like I 〆2012-05-30 04:17:26
Collection of seven contacts What is wealth?
Who contacts whom in Stock Buybacks?0KHaliunaa2012-10-07 04:38:36
For a company making a buyback issued through a public offer , how to contact the company all shareholders of all brokerage firms out there that have the actions of clients portfolio and trading of the shares going ?
CONTACTS,CONFLICTS,AND THE CRUCIBLE... can anyone help?0Christina Gabriella2012-10-11 07:18:48
This is another example of world history and still failing miserably at all. anyones help is greatly appreciated. MedlinePlus MedlinePlus MedlinePlus 1. A period of global cooling from the fourteenth to the nineteenth century is historically known as MedlinePlus A. USDA Agricultural Research Celsius effect. B. USDA Agricultural Research Fahrenheit effect. C. the Little Ice Age. MedlinePlus D. cyclic nominal cooling. MedlinePlus 2. What regions are Latin Christendom expand during the period of the early Mongol expansion? MedlinePlus A. Prussia and North Africa MedlinePlus B. Finland and Estonia MedlinePlus C. The Middle East and Spain MedlinePlus D. Britain and Spain MedlinePlus 3. What region are traders consider themselves equal to warriors? MedlinePlus A. MedlinePlus Mississippi B. MedlinePlus Ethiopia C. MedlinePlus Yucatan D. MedlinePlus Rajasthan 4. That the pope wanted Christians to unite to redress what he saw as an imbalance of power between MedlinePlus Christianity and Islam? MedlinePlus A. Pope Urban II MedlinePlus B. Pope Benedict MedlinePlus C. Pope Clement VI MedlinePlus D. Juan Pablo MedlinePlus 5. Which group forced the Chinese to acknowledge their right to the mandate of heaven and sign a treaty MedlinePlus in 1127 C.E.? MedlinePlus A. Liao MedlinePlus B. MedlinePlus Khitans C. Xia MedlinePlus D. Jurchen MedlinePlus 6. How powerful families of Japan like the Fujiwara legitimate their power at court? MedlinePlus A. By acquiring more wealth than others MedlinePlus B. By marrying their daughters into the imperial family MedlinePlus C. Through military victories over enemies like the Taira MedlinePlus D. Through the support of Buddhist monks MedlinePlus 7. What allowed the Khmer kingdom to became great? MedlinePlus A. MedlinePlus abundant mineral resources B. Excess capacity to produce and export rice MedlinePlus C. technological advances MedlinePlus D. Ability to conquer other lands MedlinePlus 8. Most of the wealth of the Byzantine Empire was based on MedlinePlus A. military conquest of new territories. MedlinePlus B. private business. MedlinePlus C. tribute from neighboring states. MedlinePlus D. productivity of farmers and trade. MedlinePlus 9. What led directly to internal expansion and new economic activity in Western Europe from the eleventh MedlinePlus until the fourteenth century? MedlinePlus A. Decreased activity MedlinePlus religious B. Competition between rival states MedlinePlus C. Population reduction MedlinePlus D. New MedlinePlus extreme technological achievements 10. In the eleventh century, Muslims refer to as "the army of God?" MedlinePlus A. Turks MedlinePlus B. Buddhist MedlinePlus C. Chinese MedlinePlus D. Christians MedlinePlus 11. One of the benefits that the Mongols brought to Russian lands was MedlinePlus A. defense against German adventurers. MedlinePlus B. new agricultural technologies. MedlinePlus C. the introduction of paper currency. D. lower taxes. MedlinePlus 12. The Khmer city of Angkor was designed to evoke MedlinePlus A. divine design ideas of the world. B. the power of the new Muslim ruler of Khmer people. MedlinePlus C. Khmer regime greatness. MedlinePlus D. the rhythms of the seasons and the natural world. MedlinePlus 13. The most important contribution the Mongols made to encouraging trade along the Silk Roads was MedlinePlus A. building a permanent MedlinePlus road. B. providing security. MedlinePlus C. permanent building hotels. MedlinePlus D. tax relief for traders. MedlinePlus 14. The Delhi Sultanate ruler Radiyya first took power chiefly because MedlinePlus A. killed his brother. MedlinePlus B. his father chose him as his successor. MedlinePlus C. wearing men's clothing. MedlinePlus D. It showed in the battle. MedlinePlus 15. What was the most effective remedy for plague? MedlinePlus A. Refrain from eating certain foods MedlinePlus B. Quarantine MedlinePlus C. Armenian clay MedlinePlus D. MedlinePlus snake venom 16. During the fourteenth century, Japanese women of aristocratic rank MedlinePlus A. became freer due to the stability of the time. B. began writing fiction, a sign of their increased opportunity for education. MedlinePlus C. transformed because of their ability to maintain their properties separated from their husbands. MedlinePlus D. saw marriage customs change to their detriment. MedlinePlus 17. What common problem did people in the American Southwest and the Norse of Greenland both face? MedlinePlus A. Lack of food MedlinePlus B. MedlinePlus environmental disasters C. Isolation from other civilizations MedlinePlus D. Disease MedlinePlus 18. Who was responsible for the rehabilitation of Sufism twelfh century? MedlinePlus A. Al-Ghazali MedlinePlus B. Al-Hallaj MedlinePlus C. Al-Andalus MedlinePlus D. Gilani MedlinePlus 19. A zimbabwe was a MedlinePlus A. tribal leader. MedlinePlus B. trade route though the desert. MedlinePlus C. fortified central administration. MedlinePlus D. band of warriors. MedlinePlus End of test MedlinePlus 20. All these were the result of the Crusades except A. destruction of peaceful relations between Muslims and Christians. MedlinePlus B. a proclamation by Zangi, calling for jihad against the infidels. MedlinePlus C. Establishment of a large Christian kingdom in the Middle East. MedlinePlus D. Europe increased hostility between Christians and Jews.

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