Please, help here in history (French Revolution)?

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The meter is equivalent to one tenth-millionth of the length of the quadrant of the Earth and is part of the Decimal Metric System (MDS), one of the most remarkable inventions of the Enlightenment period and a permanent legacy of the French Revolution. Until then, anthropocentric measures were used (as the foot, the palm, the cubit, etc..) Which, besides having no relation with each other, varied between regions and countries, making the collection of taxes, trade and scientific exchange. The French National Assembly has determined that the scientists to study a system of practical and valid measures "for all times to all people."

The Decimal Metric System was adopted in France in 1799 and defined its primary measure (the meter), based on the size of Earth, or something unchangeable and common to all countries.

Check the box that best expresses the meaning of this invention.

(A) system imposed on France by the European counterrevolutionary coalition led by Britain.

(B) System adopted to strengthen the continental blockade which Napoleon imposed on Europe.

(C) system whose adoption was derived from the will of the king of France who enjoyed crafts and needed

modern standards of measurement.

(D) system typical of the scientific mentality of the eighteenth century, for binding measures all things to

objective dimensions of nature.

(E) system resulting from the innovation system of the Terror during the French Revolution.

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